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nonverbal, distracting behaviors tapping a pencil, gazing outside the window, glancing at the clock
inappropiate during a phlebotomy procedure "This won't hurt a bit!" "Your name is Mrs. Jones, isn't it?" "You are required to cooperate with this."
key elements in effective communication active listening, nonverbal cues, verbal skills
main area of responsibility for phlebotomist preanalytical process
what feeling does one experience when a stranger gets "too close for comfort"? anxiety, fear
what are "competency statements" for phlebotomist? entry-level skills, tasks, roles
Veracity telling the truth
How should a phlebotomist treat a patient who my have deafness? ask patient whether you should repeat the steps before proceeding
why is eye contact helpful during a phlebotomit-patient interaction? it promotes a sense of trust
example of internal stakeholders for clinical laboratory services doctors and nurses
nurse had a needle stick, when should she report this incident? immediately
A health care worker is given voluntary permission to touch a patient for blood collection under what legal term? informed consent
Specimen collection and handling is referred to as preanalytical phase
federal law that regulates the Quality and Accuracy of Laboratory testing CLIA '88
Malpractice in blood collection is same as professional negligence
The measuring stick representing the conduct of the average health care worker is the national community
A phlebotomist forgot her password and used a colleague's, what law has she violated? HIPPA
For potential lawsuits that may occur, what must be maintained in health care worker's employee file? record of continuing education courses
touching of another person without permission battery
Before patient's test results can legally be released, the patient must provide written consent
Homeostasis steady-state condition
superficial vein close to the skin surface
best position patient to be in for phlebotomy procedure supine position
Arteries differ from veins in which way? blood is bright red
capillary blood contains cells, plasma, arterial blood, venous blood
patient has severe burn on left wrist, best discription of its location relative to his fingers proximal to his fingers
Venous blood is dark red
what volume of blood does a normal adult have? 4-5 liters
A patient is taking aspirin. How might this affect a venipuncture? bleeding may be excessive or prolonged
Hemostasis control of blood clotting
If a worker is caught in a fire in the health care facility, he or she should NOT run
major principles of self-protection from radiation exposure time, distance,and shielding
yellow quadrant of a diamond on the chemical's label is instability hazard
if needlestick occurs, worker should first and immediately cleanse the area with isopropyl alcohol and apply an adhesive bandage
safe working conditions must be ensured by employer and have been mandated by law under Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act
Antiseptic for skin iodine
isolation technique used to decrease the spread of whooping cough droplet precaution
Reverse isolation is same as protective isolation
proper or for removal of isolation PPE? gloves, goggles, then gown
Medical records serve what purpose? coordination of care
Bar codes can be used for which type of information? patient identification numbers
what is the most error-free method for requesting a laboratory test? computerized method
a specimen protected from light bilirubin
a chilled specimen blood gas
Normal body temp (in degrees Centigrade) is 37
room temp (in degrees Centigrade)is 25
Thermolabile means sensitivity to: temperature changes
Photosensitivity means sensitivity to: light
how long for normal blood specimen to clot? 30-60 minutes
yellow tube sodium polyanetholesulfonate (SPS)
butterfly frequently used needle gauge size 23
royal blue none
Lithium heparin is a a suitable anticoagulant for this test glucose level
blood microcollection system RAM SAFE-T-FILL
CBC lavender top
light blue PT and APTT
blood bank pink
Prefilled device used as a collection and dilution unit is the BD Unopette
anticoagulant recommended for blood smear prep EDTA
a cause of hemoconcentration long-term IV therapy
solid mass derived from blood constituents and can block a vein or artery thrombus
fasting for triglyceride-level determination 8-12 hours
syncope fainting
what analytes will become falsely elevated if tourniquet left on to long? potassium
basal state fast overnight
allergic to iodine and alcohol can use chlorhexidine
small red spots on patients skin due to a blood clotting abnormality is petechiae
Sclerosed veins are a result of: inflammation
A hemolyzed specimen can lead to falsely increased results for: potassium
an unconsious emergency patient may be identified by the following means temporary identification label
identification procedures for outpatients may include asking photo ID, birth date, address, identification by a family member
most common site for venipuncture antecubital
Applying a tourniquet is useful for: allowing blood to pool in the veins
warming site increases localized blood flow
tourniquet should not be left on for more than 1 minute
how many times should a patient be punctured during a procedure? no more than twice
which tube should always be drawn first? blood culture
when should safety devices be activated during a procedure? immediately after withdrawl from vein
when should tourniquet be released? after blood flows into tube
best site for capillary punture on adult middle finger
controlling the depth of the skin puncture prevents osteomyelitis
skin puncture is not useful for patients healthy adults who need many lab test
which fingers are used most for skin puncture? third or fourth finger
disinfectant of choice for capillary puncture procedure 70% isopropyl alcohol
best site for capillar puncture on adult middle finger
controlling depth of skin puncture prevents osteomylitis
skin puncture not useful for healthy adults who need many lab tests
which fingers are used most often for skin puncture? third or fourth finger
disinfectant of choice fo a capillary puncture 70% isopropyl alcohol
what drop of blood should be used for specimen on a fingerstick? second
what drop should be wiped away before capillary collection? first
what does feathered edge refer to? edge of the blood film on a microscope slide
capillary blood is composed of: venous,arterial, and capillary blood, and tissue fluids
microcollection tubes should be filled in what way? allow the tubes to fill by itself using capillary action
preferred technique preparing child for blood collection place child in a vertical position as parent holds him or her
acceptable way to prepare child for pain from venipuncture EMLA application
preferred site for a skin puncture for newborn medial or lateral plantar surface of heel
supply needed to collect blood for capillary blood gases from newborn metal filing
disease causing tremors Parkinson's disease
supply need to collect blood for a pediatric venipuncture safety winged infusion set
if a neonate or child is going to receive fluid intravenously, what vein should be avoided? veins in the dorsum of foot
incision too deep in infant's heel can lead to osteochondritis
venipuncture in an infant or toddler is recommended for blood cultures
dorsal hand vein procedure on infant, angle of needle should be 15 degrees
what is a fistula? the fusion of a vein and artery
first step to obtain blood for glucose monitoring check the patient's ID according to health care facility' protocol
test measured through blood coagulation monitoring by point-of-care testing PTP
supply not needed to test with CoagChek System tourniquet
reason for collecting a 24-hour urine specimen to test for creatine clearance
blood culture tube yellow
during a glucose tolerance test, what procedure is acceptable? a fasting blood collection is performed and a standard amount glucose drink is given
the ABG analysis preferred site radial artery
for ABG the needle should be inserted 45 degrees
blood culture on patient allergic to iodine can use chlorohexidine
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