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6SS Chapter 13 & 15

History of Western Africa

How did Askia the Great help Timbuktu rise to greatness? he made it a center of education and learning
What religion did Mansa Musa help spread through a large part of West Africa? Islam
What is Sunni Ali best known for? bringing peace and stability to Songhai
Why were African artists often deeply respected? their statues were used in religious rituals
What was the usefulness of the practice of silent barter? silent barter ensured that trading was peaceful and that locations of mines remained secret
Who were the Almoravids? Muslims who attacked Ghana and cut off trade routes
What are the similarities between the development of the Ghana and Mali empires? both empires lay along the upper Niger River, where there was fertile soil
What technology did the early people of Ghana learn? how to work with iron
What did every trader who came to Ghana have to do? pay a tax on the goods he carried
What was the main cause of Mali's decline? a weak ruler was unable to stop an invasion
Why was Morocco able to defeat Songhai? Morocco had advanced weaponry
What is a disadvantage of oral history? names and events can be confused
What do epics often combine? myths and historical events
Who were the descriptions of early West Africa written by? visitors like Ibn Battutah
According to legend, what ruler did Mali's rise to power begin under? Sundiata
What was a valuable product made in Ghana? carved wooden masks
What was the capital of Songhai? Gao
What was hand-woven, brightly colored fabric called? kente
Who were some of the earliest people in West Africa? Soninke
What was the first kingdom in West Africa to gain control of trade routes? Ghana
Whose empire began its rise to power under Sundiata? Mali
Who was Mali's most famous ruler? Mansa Musa
Who was the leader of Songhai? Askia the Great
What is a short saying of wisdom and truth? proverb
What is the climate of West Africa? changes significantly from north to south
How far is the inland delta of the Niger River? hundreds of miles from the coast
What is an important crop in West Africa? cacao
How did the great kingdoms of West Africa become powerful? by controlling trade routes across the Sahara
What did political boundaries drawn by European colonizers do? it often separated members of the same ethnic group
Why is the clothing West Africa loose and flowing? the warm climate
What do many coastal countries in West Africa depend on for their economies? farming
What moutain region is located in West Africa? Tibesti Mountains
Where in West Africa is oil located? off the coast of Nigeria
When did most African colonies receive independence? during the 1950s and 1960s
What the two most common religions in the region? Christianity and Islam
What would describe rural homes in West Africa? mud-brick or straw huts topped with tin roofs
What was Liberia founded as in the 1920s? a home for freed slaves
What was Cote d'Ivoire one of the biggest exporters of? cacao and coffee
What would describe the history of Togo and Benin? very unstable, fragile economies, military rule
What is widespread hunger? famine
What is the belief that natural objects such as bodies of water have spirits? animism
What does it mean to break away from the main country? secede
What is the spread of desertlike conditions? desertification
What early kingdom bacame rich and powerful around 800? Ghana
What is the most populous city in West Africa? Lagos
Who was the important storyteller in West Africa? griot
What is the strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas? savanna
What is the grain grown along the Niger River? millet
What is the main source of aluminum? bauxite
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