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6SS Chapter 14

Northern Africa

What covers most of North Africa? the Sahara Desert
When di Arab powers from Southwest Asia rule North Africa? from the AD 600s to the 1800s
What religion do most North Africans practice? Islam
How did people in North Africa often greet each other? by shaking hands and touching their hands to their hearts
What are most Egyptian farmers called? fellahin
What is Egypt's second largest city? Alexandria
What is the Maghreb? western Libya, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco
What is the most important resource in the Maghreb? oil
What is the source of the Nile River? the Blue Nile and White Nile join together and flow northward
What is the Sinai Penisula covered with? rocky mountains & desert
Where are settlements in the Sahara typically located near? oasis
What famous city was founded when Alexander the Great came to Egypt? Alexandria
In the early 20th century, who was North Africa controlled by? European powers
What years did the countries of North Africa achieve independence? 1922-1962
How is the birthday of Muhammad celebrated? with lights, parades & special sweets
What is the region famous for? its beautiful handpainted tilework, hand-woven carpets & poetry
What are Egyptians divided over? the role of Islam in the country
What is the government of Egypt? a dictatorship
What is a problem that farmers face in Egypt? the necessity for more and more fertilizer
What are the living conditions in the city of Cairo? It is crowded, poor and polluted
What do North Africa's farmers grow and export? wheat, olives and fruit
Where are most of Libya and Tunisia's cities located? along coastal areas
Why have many countries limited their economic relationships with Libya? Gadhafi has supported acts of violence against Israel
Why do some people in Cairo live in cemeteries? because of the extensive housing shortage
What is Egypt's population made up of? Egyptians, Berbers, and Bedouins
What is the largest city in Morocco with 3.3 million people? Casablanca
What connects the Mediterranean and Red seas? Suez Canal
What food looks like small pellets of pasta made from wheat? couscous
What mountain range is in the northwest region of North Africa? Atlas
Who is the dictator of Libya? Mu'ammar al-Gadhafi
What is Tunisia's capital and largest city? Tunis
What is a city in which almost no taxes are placed on goods sold there? free port
What is a crowded marketplace in North Africa called? souk
What's the Egyptian term for a king? pharoah
Who is a prophet of Islam? Muhammad
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