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Ch 4 Diseases

Diseases and Disorders

cancer(o), carcin(o) cancer
lith(o) stone or calculus
onc(o) tumor
path(o) disease
-cele hernia
-emia condition of the blood
-ia, -iasis condition
-itis inflammation
-lith stone or calculus
-mania excessive preoccupation
-oma tumor
-osis condition (often abnormal, sometimes an increase)
-pathy disease
-phobia abnormal fear
-ptosis prolapse (sagging)
-able, -ible capable of, able to
-al, -ary, -eal, -ive, -tic pertaining to
-ase enzyme
-eum, -ium membrane
-ia, -ism condition or theory
-iac one who suffers
-opia vision
-ose sugar
-ous pertaining to or characterized by
-y state or condition
alb(o), albin(o), leuk(o), leuc(o) white
chlor(o) green
cyan(o) blue
erythr(o) red
melan(o) black
xanth(o) yellow
bi(o) life or living
cephal(o) head
hist(o) tissue
lact(o) milk
muscul(o), my(o) muscle
nas(o), rhin(o) nose
pod(o) foot
pyr(o) fire
tox(o), toxic(o) poison
iatr(o) physician or treatment
idi(o) individual
nos(o), path(o) disease
seps(o), sept(i) infection
sept(o) infection (septum)
bacter(i), bacteri(o) bacteria
fung(i), myc(o) fungus
staphyl(o) grape-like cluster; uvula
strept(o) twisted
vir(o), virus(o) virus
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