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Ch 1 Build Med Terms

Tools for Building Medical Terms

carcin(o) crab, cancer
lith(o) stone
nephr(o) kidney
stomat(o) mouth
articul(o) joint
caud(o) tail
fung(i) fungus
or(o) mouth
ren(o) kidney
blephar(o) eyelid
cephal(o) head
path(o) disease
opthalm(o) eye
cardi(o) heart
chir(o) hand
ot(o) ear
angi(o)/vas(o) vessel
-ic pertaining to
-itis inflammation of
-logy the study of
-plasty plastic surgery of
-rrhea discharge from
-tomy incision of
pl. of diagnosis diagnoses
pl. of prognosis prognoses
pl. of psychosis psychoses
pl. of atrium atria
pl. of ileum ilea
pl. of septum septa
pl. of bacterium bacteria
pl. of alveolus alveoli
pl. of bacillus bacilli
pl. of bronchus bronchi
pl. of vertebra vertebrae
pl. of patella patellae
pl. of petechia petchiae
pl. of appendix appendices
pl. of varix varices
pl. of cervix cervices
pl. of cortex cortices
pl. of thorax thoraces
pl. of carcinoma carcinomas, carcinomata
pl. of sarcoma sarcomas, sarcomata
pl. of protozoon protozoa
pl. of spermatozoon spermatozoa
pl. of phalanx phalanges
pl. of larynx larynges
Created by: hulsea