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Chapter 12 SE Asia

Chapter 12 SE Asia, Mr. Roper.

Who's writings sparked interest on Europeans in China? Marco Polo.
Which dynasty was founded by Li Shimin? Tang dynasty.
Self-governing states that sent tribute? Tributary states.
Who replaced the Chinese writing and made it easier? King Sejong.
Wealthy land owning class? Gentry.
number of people who can read and write? Literacy rate.
Treeless plains? Steppes.
Who toppled the Song dynasty and named China dynasty Yuan? Kublai Khan.
The worship of the forces of nature? Shinto.
Tidal waves? Tsunamis.
Who created a vast empire and established peace and prosperity? Genghis Khan.
A chain of islands? Archipelago.
A chinese explorer during the Ming dynasty? Zheng He.
Through mothers decent? Matrilineal
Lesser lords? Samurai.
What was an Indian stupa in China? Pagoda.
What is the amount of payment a woman brings to the marriage? Dowry.
What is a porcelain with an unusual blue-green glaze? Celadon.
Adapting certain foreign ways? Selective borrowing.
Who brought Chinese ideas and Confucian traditions to Korea? Wudi.
The "brilliant" dynasty? Ming.
Code of honor? Bushido.
A Buddhist sect in Japan? Zen.
Dome shaped shrines to Buddha? Stupa.
Supreme military commander? Shogun.
Redistribution of land to peasants? Land reform.
A time of treat achievment in which a faster growing type of rice created food surplus and allowed comerce, learniong and the arts? Song dynasty.
Created by: FaerieXPrincess