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Medical for Annie

Medical Terms

acanth thorny
actin light
aer air
alge, algia pain
amyl starch
andro masculine
athero fatty substance
a, an without
ab away from
ad toward
ambi both, around
ana toward
ante before
anti against
apo separate
aut self
asthenia weakness
bar(o) weight
bas, basi base
bio life
blasto, blast immature cells
bi twice
brachy short
brady slow
bacill, bacteri bactria
cac bad
calc, calci calcium
carcin cancer
chem chemical
chlor chlorine
chondrio cartilage
chore dance
chrom color
chrono time
chylo a digestive juice
chymo semiflid present during digestion
cine movement
coni dust
crin screte
cry(o) cold
crypt hidden
cyan blue
cycl circle, cycle
cyst bladder, cyst
cyt(o) cell
col, com, con together
contra against
cata down
circum around
cele hernia
cidal, cide destroying
clasis breaking
crine secreting
crit separate
cyte cell
cytosis condition of cells
dextro toward the light
dip(s) thrist
dors, dorsi back
dynamo force
di, dif, dir, dis not, separated
dia through
dys abnormal
derma skin
desis bingind
dynia pain
echo reflected sound
electr electricity
eosin, erythr red
ergo work
esthesio sensation
ethmo ethmoid bone
etio cause
ect outside
end(o) within
epi over
eu well, good, normal
ex away from
exo on the outside
ectasia, ectasis expansion
ectomy removal of
edema swelling
ema condition
emesis vomiting
emia blood
emic relating to blood
esthesia sensation
Created by: adudley10