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BMMS Rome Ch 15

mercenary a soldier for hire
Diocletian ermperor who intrduced economic reforms and split the empire in half
absolute ruler one who has total power
nomads people who move from place to place
barbarian someone who was primitive or uncivilized
plunder to take things by force,to loot
Byzantinve Empire the Eastern Roman Empire
Justinian emperor who was able to restore order to the Eastern Roman Empire and regain lost territories
Justinian Code a uniform code of laws commissioned by Justinian
Roman Catholic Church Church of the Western Roman Empire, Catholic means "Universal"
Eastern Orthodox Church Church of the Eastern Roman Empire, Orthodox means "holding established beliefs"
mosaics picture made from tiny pieces of colored stone or other material
bas-relief slightly rasied figures stand out against a flat background
epic a long poem about a hero's adventures
oratory the art of public speaking
vaults an arch that forms a cieiling or roof
aqueducts waterway made by people to bring water to cities
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