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Roman Empire Decline

What religion spread throughout Rome and caused alarm? Christianity
How did Rome's attitude toward Christianity change? tolerance, alarm, legal, made it the official religion
What decision made by Theodosius had a big impact on Roman religion? He made Christianity the official religion of Rome
Why was Rome hostile to Christians and Jews? The Romans thought Christians and Jews would stop worshiping the Emperor and the Roman Empire would end
What event occurred that caused Constantine to end the persecution of Christians? He saw a cross in the sky
What was the Edict of Milan? A document that stated Christianity was a legal religion of Rome
What resulted in food shortages, wars and political conflicts in Rome? The Roman Empire weakened and declined
What problems weakened the Roman Empire? Economic, Military, and Political
What were the main economic reasons the Roman Empire declined? lack of food to feed the people,low on money, couldn't pay the soldiers and taxes were high,land was worn out and harvests didn't increase
What was the main military reason the Roman Empire declined? Rome was constantly at war with nomadic peoples
What was the main political reason the Roman Empire declined? The Roman Empire was so large and it was hard to spread news
What did Diocletian do to help govern the Roman Empire? He divided it into the Western half and Eastern half
What half of the Roman Empire did Diocletian control and why? Eastern because it had more trade routes and was wealthier
How did Constantine change the Roman Empire after Diocletian divided it? Constantine reunited the Roman Empire
What change did Constantine make in the capital of the Roman Empire? Moved it from Rome to Byzantium and then renamed it Constantinople
What features made Byzantium a good choice for a capital? It was a good place for defense and trade
What happened to the empire after Constantine's death? His three sons fought for control of the empire and then it was permanently divided
How did Diocletian restore order to the empire? - He placed troops at the empire's borders- He kept prices of goods low to help feed the poor- He issued laws on his own and didn't consult the Senate
What was a mercenary? a soldier for hire
Why was Western Rome weaker than Eastern Rome? It had less secure borders, smaller cities and less trade
Why did the Germanic peoples move into Roman territory? The Huns forced them west and south
What main barbarian tribes in Europe wanted to conquer the Roman Empire? Huns, Franks, Vandals, Saxons, and Goths
Who was a barbarian? Someone who was primitive and uncivilized
Who was the leader of the Huns? Attila
Why was A.D. 476 considered an important date in Roman history? It was when the last Roman emperor was removed from power
Who was the Byzantine emperor? Justinian
What was the legal code based on older Roman law called? Justinian Code
How did Justinian restore the Eastern Roman Empire? Rebuilt Constantinople,He built schools, hospitals, and a church called the Hagia Sophia,His armies conquered lost territories
How did the Byzantine Empire preserve Roman culture? Students learned Latin and studied Roman history and literature
What was the name of the famous church Justinian built in Constantinople? Hagia Sophia
Why did the Christian church divide? Differences regarding the roles of the church and state (role of emperor and pope)
What was the church called in the west? Roman Catholic Church
What was the church called in the east? Eastern Orthodox church
How did the governments and the Christian churches interact? In the west the pope had power and in the east the emperor had more power
What caused the end of the Byzantine empire? Islam spread throughout Arabia and the Ottoman Turks invaded
What issue did the church in the east and in the west not agree? The authority of the emperor over church matters
What were Roman dinner parties like? An abundance of food, guests reclined on couches, ate with three fingers not silverware, and there was music and entertainment
Wat was the main clothing of the men in Ancient Rome? Toga and Tunic
What was the main clothing of the women of Ancient Rome? Stola and Palla
What were some activities that took place at the Roman Baths? exercise, socializing, playing games, listening to music, and eating
Who were gladiators? slaves or prisoners of war
Where did the gladiator fights take place? Colesseum
Where did chariot races take place? Circus Maximus
What is a picture made from tiny pieces of colored stone or other material called? mosaics
What is the Pantheon? A Roman temple
What were the structures called that brought water to a Roman city? aqueducts
Who was known as the Father of Medicine? Hippocrates
Who was the wife of Justinian who was also an actress? Theodora
What was the date when the last Roman Emperor was removed from power? A.D. 476
What is the art of public speaking called? oratory
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