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political boundries (chapter 8)

Define: Sovereignty indepentant stae, able to make internal decisions
Korea: 1 state or 2? Korea was divided into N. (controled by Ussr communist) & S. (controled by US democracy) Korea divided along the 38th latitude. N. korea invaded S. korea but with drew after 3years. Both goven't are commited to reuniting, but are entered as sperate in UN
China & Taiwan: 1 Stae or 2? After the Nationalists lost the communist civil war in China they fled to Tiawan and created what they believe to be a sovereign state. China still regaurds tiawan as a part of China. Tiwan is not a member of the UN
Western Sahara (Sahrawi Rebublic): and independant state? Sahrawi Rebublic is considered a sovereign state by most African Countires. But Morocco controls the tarritory and built a wall around it. After Spain withdrew (1976) Marroco annexed the land. The UN sent a referendum to let the people of the city choose
what: Berlin Confrence impact a confernce where the states of the world divided up Africa. Impact: the borders didn't match the ethnic borders whaich caused many civil wars
Define: Compact sates Efficient, the distance from the center to any boundry does not vary significantly. shaped liek a circle
the positves of Prorupted States & examples created for states to reach reasources,Example: congo. Aslo seperate 2 staes that would otherwise share a border Example: Russia dosen't share with Pakistan b/c of Afghanistan
Elongated State: the negitives and postives Negitives: Communication, govenment is far from the ends. Postives: most control the coast Example: chile
Fragmentaed state problems? islands that are sperated and hard to goven and communication are poor between islands
Give and example of LandLock states with problems Africa has diffculties with their landlock states reciving supplies and good from the reail roads becasue the rails all go through South Africa and do not provied direct acces to the ocean
Give an example of one state with many nationalitles Cyprus in the Med. sea contains 2 nationalitles: Greek (78%) & Turkish (18%). they had equal share of govn't but greeks held a coup in 1974, the turkish army countered and resotred an elected govn't but remainded on the island. UN patrolls buffer zone
describe: Turmoil in the Caucasus home to 6 nationalitles. with the break off from Russia the seperate ethnicites within have had armed conflicts b/c they all want their own nation-sate. Azeris of Azerbaijan - Armenians of the A. republic have border conflicts. Georiga=internal conflicts
Example: One nationality in more then one state the Kurds: once liven in Kurdistan but today are split in 6 countires, they are unwannted in all countires and are forced to be supressed under the regions powerful govn'ts
Example: Political and Military cooperation The United Nations: created at the end of WWII. aimed at peace keeping. the UN has it's own peace keeping focre that plays a key role in trying to seperate warring groups.
Define: Unitary state places most power in the hands of the central govn't (workes best in nation-states)
Define: Federal state alocates strong power to units of loal govn't within the country
Example: Unitary state becoming more like a federal state France: teh french goven't (trditionally very unitary) has grantes additional legal powers to the departments and communes in recent years. local govn't can borrow $ freely to finance new projects. local govn't have elected officals & power to levy taxes
Describe: Poland's switch to a federal state teh transistion to a federal system was dificult b/c they had to train citizens in new areas of govn't and fill over 95,000 govn't jobs. although it took awhile to find honest officals they trained and trust their now federal govn't officals
Describe: NATO North american treaty organization was a military alliance among 16 democratic staes. used to prevent the USSRfrom overrunning W. Germany & other amall states. When the USSR fell NATO came to included many more states and offers security to them all
Describe: the Europen Union used to promote development with in the member states through economic cooperation. created free trade in all over europe and has turned W. Europe in the the worlds wealthiest market
Created by: Mindless007
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