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counting vocab words

counting vocabulary words

lithotomy used for vaginal,perineal & rectal procedures
alcohols (isopropryl & ethyl) are flammable; therefore they must be used in small qty's and must not be allowed to pool around/under pt's, especially when lasers/esu are used
ambulatory surgery surgical care performed w/out overnight hospitalization
arm board used to support the arm when giving intravenous infusions
asphyxia increased CO2 & decreased O2 in the body as a result of some sort of interference w/respiration
blunt dissection use of a sponge/blunt instrument to separate tissue on a norml anatomical plane
febrile feverous;pertaining to a fever
fixative substance used to harden/perserve a specimen
hyperpnea increased rate/deepth of respiration
nursing diagnosis classifing pt data collected to focus on care needed
o.r. table used to achieve any desired position thru manual/electrical controls; accepts attachments
orthopnea breathing may only be possible when person stands or sits in an upright position
padded body & kidney rest are used to stabilize the body in a lateral kidney position
pulse deficit difference between pulse counts taken simultaneously at different sites
radiopaque impermeable to x-ray/other forms of radation; visible on x-ray
remittent fever fever that alternately rises/drops, but which has no interval of normal body temperature
safety belt (knee strap) used to secure the pt during induction & most positions except lithotomy
screen holds drape off the pt's face & separates nonsterile area from sterile field
sitting used for neurosurgical and some otorhinology procedures
specimen any tissue,fluid or foreign body removed from the pt
supine used for abdominal/abdominothoracic procedures, as well as some lower extremity procedures
surgical dressing sterile material applied to surgical site after completion of surgical procedure
surgical sponge sterile,absorbent,lint-free material that vary in size and shape
dissection separation of tissue thru anatomical planes
sharp dissection use of a knife,scissors or cutting instrument to separate tissue
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