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Mod E #2 vocab

Chabner vocab

Nevus Pigmented lesion of the skin
Ichthyosis Dry, Rough, Scaly skin.
Exanthematous Skin Rash.
Subungual Beneath the Nail.
Bullae Clear fluid filled blister
Xanthoma Nodules under the skin
Scabies Parasitic infection of the skin.
Dermis Middle layer of skin
Lunula Semicircular white area of nail
Collagen Structural protein
Lipocyte Fat Cell
Epidermis Outer layer of skin
Causalgia Burning sensation due to damaged nerves
Phoresis Carrying/Transmission
Diaphoresis Profuse sweating
Patch Test Allergen treated gauze applied to the skin.
Pruritus Itching
Albinisim Absence of pigmentation
Leukoplakia White toungue
Anhidrosis Absence of sweating.
Pilonidal cyst Ingrown hair i sacral region
Lypertrophied Lypertrophied thickened scar
Blackheads A dialated pore
Moles Pigmented fleshy growth
Warts Growth caused by virus.
Created by: goddessofsound