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Health Ch 12

Food and Nutrition

___________ are one of about 20 different chemical substances that make up proteins. Amino acids
_________ is a condition in which there are too few red blood cells or too little hemoglobin in the blood. Anemia
These are units used to measure the amount of energy released when nutrients are burned. Calories
This class of nutrients includes sugars and starches. Carbohydrates
This waxy, fat-like substance is found in the cells of all animals and it is called ___________. Cholesterol
__________ is when a person doesn't obtain enough of a specific nutrient. Deficiency
This condition is a serious reduction in the body's water content. Dehydration
There are 9 of these that the body cannot manufacture. Essential amino acids
This class of nutrients has the highest energy content. Fats
The indigestible material found in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and seeds that is necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Fiber
A simple sugar that is the major provider of energy for the body's cells. Glucose
A type of starch stored in the body; it can be converted to or from glucose. Glycogen
This is an iron-containing substance found in red blood cells. Hemoglobin
A steady state or balance; the normal, balanced state of the body's internal systems. Homeostasis
This is the chemical process by which the body breaks down food to obtain energy. Metabolism
One of a class of nutrients that are not made by living things and are required only in small amounts. Minerals
______ are substance found in food that the body needs to regulate bodily functions, promote growth, repair body tissues, and obtain energy. Nutrients
This is the process by which the body takes in and uses nutrients. Nutrition
The class of nutrients that contain nitrogen as well as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; besides being a source of energy, proteins play an important role in the growth and repair of body tissues. Proteins
These are fats that contain as many hydrogen atoms in its structure as is possible chemically. Saturated fats
These are fats that contain fewer than the maximum possible number of hydrogen atoms in its structure Unsaturated fats
________ are a class of nutrients that are made by living things, are required only in small amounts, and assist many chemical reactions in the body. Vitamins
These are the recommendations, developed by nutrition experts in the US government, for the amount of a specific nutrient that the average person should obtain each day. Daily Values
____________ is a graph that groups foods according to types and indicates how many servings of each type should be eaten daily. Food Guide Pyramid
____________ is the proportion of nutrients in a food compared to the number of calories. Nutrient density
Any condition in which a person's nutrient consumption is inadequate or unbalanced, usually as the result of consuming too little of one or more nutrients is called __________. Malnutrition
This is a serious condition in which the diet does not contain adequate protein and does not supply enough calories to meet the body's energy needs. Protein-energy malnutrition
Ice cream, butter and cream belong to what food categories? Fats, oils and sweets
The bulk of a person's diet should consist of what food group? Grains
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