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OT Quiz 4 OT Dr. Way

Baal Canaanite storm God, deity of agricultural and reproductive fertility
Consort partner or associate, often used as spouse of deity in ANE religious contexts
Corpus collection of related writings
Eschatology theology concerned with end times
Levant lands located along the 400 mile stretch of the Eastern Mediterranean between turkey and Egypt
Megilloth Hebrew for rolls or scrolls 5 books read during annual festivals
Mesopotamia ANE land in the fertile crescent, overlap in wisdom literature
Palistrophe chiastic literary device that inverts or counterbalances key themes hinging u-on one fundamental teaching or idea
Provenance original sources, setting or locale for literary work
Retribution principle righteous prosper, unrighteous suffer
Twelve Prophets Hewbrew designation of the 12 books of the minor prophets in the OT
Job God's wisdom and justice in human suffering.
Proverbs Righteous living through the pursuit of wisdom and the fear of the Lord
Ecclesiastes Futility of searching for meaning in life apart from the fear of God
Song of Songs Celebration of the power and the beauty of love
When the battle of Qarqar occurred and who was involved 853 BC Ahab, Ben-Hadad & king Shalmaneser III of Assyria
what was unique about Israelite wisdom literature (in the context of the ancient Near East) it has a spiritual foundation & it functions as God's self revelation
the significance of the Black Obelisk While this evidence shows Jehu bowing to Shalmaneser III & it would seem demeaning- in 2 kings he is the only northern king to receive righteous evaluation
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