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CAE Religion Chap.18

Cody Edwards' Chapter 18 Religion (Christ Our Life)

Who was the last and greatest judge in Israel? Samuel
Who was a judge over all of Israel and not just a few tribes? Samuel
Besides being a judge, Samuel was also considered what Prophet
What is a prophet? A person who speaks God's word
Who was Samuel's mother? Hannah
What did Hannah pray for a long time? A child
What did Hannah promise God? That if she had a baby she would dedicate him to the Lord
Who said that if she had a baby she would dedicate him the Lord? Hannah
Who was Hannah's son? Samuel
A few years after her son was born, what did Hannah do? She took her son to the Temple
Why did Hannah bring Samuel to the Temple? Because she promised God that she would dedicate her child to God if she could have a child.
Who did Hannah give her son to? Hannah gave her son to Eli the Priest in the Temple
Who was Eli? A priest who worked in the temple
What did God do to reward Hannah's faith and devotion? God blessed her with five more children
What did Samuel hear as a boy? God calling him in his sleep
When Samuel heard God calling him, who did he think it was? Eli
After a few times, Eli told Samuel that it must be whom calling him? the Lord, or God
What did Eli instruct Samuel to do when he heard the voice calling him? To say, "speak Lord, your servant is listening"
What happened after Samuel said to the Lord, "speak Lord, your servant is listening"? God gave Samuel the first of many hard tasks
God was not pleased with whom? Because Eli failed in his duties as a father
God told Samuel to warn whom about what? God told Samuel to warn Eli about he and his sons, or they would be punished for their sins
Why was Samuel afraid to tell Eli what the Lord God had told him? Because Eli was Samuel's teacher
Did Samuel tell the message that God had told him to tell Eli? Yes
What did Eli say when Samuel told him the message from the Lord? "He is the Lord. He will do what he judges best."
What happened a short time after Samuel delivered the message to Eli that the Lord God had given him? The Philistines attacked
What happened when the Philistines attacked Israel? Eli's son's carried the of the covenant into battle, where they were killed and the ark was captured.
What happened to Eli when he found out that the ark of the covenant was captured and his son's were killed? He fell out of his chair, broke his neck, and died.
How did Eli die? When he heard that his son's were killed and the ark was captured, he fell out of his chair, broke his neck, and died.
Who became the judge of Israel after Eli died? Samuel
What happened after Samuel became the judge of Israel? The ark was returned
Samuel spent many years doing what? Leading Israel back to God and trying to heal the damaged relationship Israel had with God
As a judge, Samuel was a great spiritual leader rather then a great what? Military leader
Through Samuel, God prepared Israel for what? Kings
In his old age, Samuel appointed who as judges over Israel? his sons
What was the problem of Samuel's son as judges? They were not good leaders and struggled to bring justice to the land and promote the well being of God's people
Why did the Israelites tell Samuel that they want a king? Because all the other nations around them had a king-so they too wanted a king
At first Samuel was happy to find Israel a king? False, he objected the idea.
What did Samuel warn Israel about having a king? Kings can become too powerful and corrupt.
Why did the people insist upon a king after Samuel warned them against this idea? They would not listen to Samuel
What did Samuel do when the people still insisted upon having a king? He prayed to God and God told him to grant the people's request.
Why did the beginning of the monarchy in Israel is important for what reason? It helps us understand Jesus Christ and his concepts of God's kingdom
Jesus began what on earth? Kingdom of Heaven
Jesus' voluntary entrance into Jerusalem was a sign of the coming of the kingdom because of what he, the Messiah, would accomplish through his what and what? death and Resurrection
The what, under the guidance of the successors of Peter, is a sign of God's kingdom? the Church
God inspired Samuel to anoint whom as king? Saul
Although he was from one of the what tribes, Saul was tall, handsome, and courageous? Smallest
He was also a good what? Soldier
Samuel poured what over Saul's head as a sign that God had chosen Saul as ruler. Oil
God sent whom his spirit to help Saul rule in God's name? Saul's
At the beginning of his rule as king, Saul was a great what? Military leader
What was the first thing Saul did when he became King? He united his people and led them against other nations.
What did Saul forget as time when on? That the Lord God called him to rule.
What happened when the Lord God did not listen to sent Samuel to give Saul messages? Saul ignored them an did as he pleased.
Why did Samuel tell Saul his kingdom would not last? Because he was an unfit ruler a
When Saul became an unfit ruler what happened? The Lord choose someone else to rule Israel, a man who would care out his will (David).
How long after the Samuel told Saul his kingdom would not last did he rule? 10 years
What happened when Saul was no longer open to the Spirit of the Lord? A evil spirit filled him and Saul became moody and difficult to live with.
What did some of Saul's servant do to easy Saul's agony? They though soothing music would help
Who did they find to play music for Saul? David
Where was David from? Bethlehem
What did David do before he played for Saul? He was a shepherd boy
What happened when David played the harp? His music calmed Saul
Who became best friends? David and Jonathan
Who was Jonathan? Saul's son
What did Jonathan prevent his father, Saul, from doing? killing David
What did athletes in the ancient world use oils for? they rubbed it on their bodies to prepare them for their races. The oil gave them a feeling of strength and to run better.
What did athletes in the ancient world do to make themselves run better and give themselves extra strength. Poured oil all over themselves
What other things were oils used for? Pain relievers, and to treat sore muscles
What are the important effects of oils? It strengthens and heals and gives light and warmth.
Why have people used oils in religious ceremonies? Because of its wonderful effects
What are words and actions called in religious ceremonies? rituals
What is a ritual? words and actions in a religious ceremony
What was one religious ceremony that the ancient Israelites observed? They kept an oil lamp burning in front of the Ark of the Covenant
What was the oil made from that was used as lamp oil in front of the Ark of the Covenant? Olive oil
What does the word "anoint" mean? It is to pour oil or rub when performing a ritual. It means that the person has been dedicated to God.
When is it called oil is poured or rubbed when performing a ritual. It means that the person has been dedicated to God.
People who have been chosen by God for special work receive what? an anointing
The what was a sign that God's spirit was with the chosen one? anointing
Those who were anointed could count on strength from God do his what? work
What, the title that we give to Jesus, means anointed one or what? Christ and Messiah
When Jesus was born, he was consecrated as Christ by the anointing of the what? Holy Spirit
Jesus' first public proclamation in the Gospel of Luke were words taken from the prophet whom: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor." Isaiah
Moses anointed whom when he consecrated him to God as a priest? Aaron
Among God's anointed ones were those, such as whom, who were chosen to be kings of the Israelites? Saul
The who were anointed to carry out God's saving plan? the Kings
Today a sacred oil used in sacramental anointing is called what? chrism
The word chrism, like Christ, comes from a Greek word that means "what?" anoint
Chrism is made by mixing olive or vegetable oil with what? Perfume
Its fragrance reminds us that all who are anointed with it should fill the world around them with the spirit of whom? GOD
Chrism is used in what, what, and the what of priests and bishops? Baptism, Confirmation, and the ordination
On Holy Thursday (or another suitable day), a special Mass, called the what, is celebrated in each diocese? Chrism Mass
How was Samuel, the last judge, different from the other judges? Samuel was different because he served as a judge over all of Israel, unlike other judges who judged a few tribes at a time.
How do we know the people loved and respected Samuel? We know that the people loved and respected Samuel because he was able to lead Israel back to God and tried to heal their damaged relationship with Him.
What was Samuel’s answer when he heard God calling him? When Samuel was a boy, he answered God’s call by replying, “Speak Lord your servant is listening.”
What did God want Samuel to tell Eli? Samuel was told to tell Eli that God was not pleased with duties as a father. God told Samuel that Eli and his sons would be punished for their sins.
How do we know that in spite of his faults, Eli was a good man? We know that Eli was a good man because he took good care of Samuel. He also was able to direct Samuel when the Lord was calling him.
Why is Samuel also known as a prophet? Samuel was known as a prophet to the people because he spoke God’s word to them
List 3 of Saul’s strengths and 3 of his weaknesses? Good soldier, great military leader, courageous, Saul did not listen to God’s messages, forgetful that God called him to rule, and he did as he pleased; in short, he was stubborn, prideful, and insolent .
What does consecration mean? The making of a thing or a person to be special to God through a prayer or blessing. People or objects set apart in a special way are also consecrated to God
Why did people begin using oil in religious ceremonies? People in ancient times thought oil gave them the feeling of new strength. They believed it alleviated different pains
How did the Israelites use oil to show their respect for the Ark of Covenant? The keep a lamp burning before the ark at all times.
Why did Jacob pour oil over the stone where he had a vision of God? Jacob used oil to mark Bethel as a holy place.
What was Samuel’s Anointing of Saul a sign of? It shows that God anointed Saul’s kingship.
What makes chrism fragrant? Mixing olive or vegetable oil with perfume makes it fragrant.
What is the fragrance a sign of? The fragrance is a sign of the Spirit of God
What is Chrism used for? Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders
What were you anointed as at Baptism? As a prophet, priest and king
What are you chosen to do at Baptism? To pray, lead and proclaim God’s Word.
For what did the people pray when we were anointed at Baptism? That we would live as good members of the Body of Christ (faith).
During what Mass does the Bishop consecrates the chrism and blesses the other oils that will be used by the Church for anointing and healing. Chrism Mass
What happened after you were baptized? You were made a member of the Church, anointed as a priest, prophet, and king and you were chosen to pray, lead and proclaim God's Word.
When you are confirmed in the Catholic Church you are anointed where? On the forehead, with sacred chrism, together with the laying on the ministers hands on your head.
What does the minister of Conformation say when you are confirmed? "Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit."
What else is anointing with oil used for in the Church? It is used for the sacraments of "Anointing of the Sick" and "Holy Orders."
What did the Apostle James tell us about the sick? "...He should summon the presbyters and pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayers of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up..."
How does the priest anoint the person with oil? By tracing in oil the Sign of the Cross n their forehead.
What does the Sacrament of Holy Orders give? It gives the Church its leadership in worship, education, and governance.
Who can confer the sacrament of Holy Orders? Only a Bishop, who is acting in the name of the Church
What does the Bishop do to the person being ordained? He lays his hands upon his head, says the prayer of consecration, and then anoints the palms of the man being ordained with chrism.
What does the Sacrament of Holy Orders leave on the person being ordained? character of A sacramental character on a man that can not be removed.
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