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Final Exam Notes

nursing assistants are called nurse aides
should nursing assistants give medicine? no
chain of command dr.,rn,lpn,na
the nursing assistants takes direct orders from the nurse
nurse gets orders from dr.
the nursing assistant should never take orders by the phone or inperson from a dr.
a document used to describe the plan that wil nr use to care for the pt. or resident care plan
person living in a long care facility a resident
person in a hospital is refered to as a patient
nurse aids belong to the nursing department
make nursing assistants are called orderlies
knowing what is right from wrong ehtical behavior
nursing assistant should never diagnose a patient
this is very important in the nursing profession communication
usually used and means that words are used to communicate verbal communication
this should be accurate written clearl and confidential charting
mental and emotional needs of the patient or resident psychological needs
to prevent you from getting back injuries body mechanics
rules to follow for good body mechanics are use as many muscles as possible keep body align bend knees for extra support
this should be written if any incident happens to a patient family or staff member an incident report
a microorganism that causes disease is a pathegen
after each use of equipment it is very important to wipe down
you should always turn a patient every 2 hours
you should always report important skin changes
redness warmth and pain all are signs of deculitus ulcer
wrinkled lines lying on one side for too long and poor circulation cause bedsores
received from the patient is anything that you can see such as redness sob and skin color objective data
received from the patient is what they complain of subjective data
substances coughed up sputum specimens
when applying ice packs to a patient fill ice bags half way
it is applied to the entire body generalized heat or cold application
when giving a bath the water should be 105 degrees to 115 degress
1000cc 1 quart
30cc 1 oz
cc ml
this is wrong and you could be fired for breaking confideniality invasion of privacy
short term illness is refered to as acute illness
if a person will not get better but can live with an illness is refered to as chronic
if they will die from the disease that is concidered terminal
this creates changes in the brain alzheimen disease
the most common accidents in long care facilities are falls
this is worn over clothes safety belts
swelling somewhere in the body edema
Created by: Brittany D