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What is Human Geo.

Chapter 1 in the Barron's AP human Geography Study book

Define: Anthropogentic Human-induced changes to the natural enviroment
Define: Cartograpgy Theory and practice of making visual representations of the earth's surface in the form of maps
Define: Cultural ecology The study of the interactions between socoeties and the natural enviroment they live in
Define: Cultural Landscape The human-modified natural landscape specifically containing the imprint of a particular culture or society
Define: Earth System Science System approach to physical geography that looks at the interaction between the earth's physical systems and processes on a global scale
Define:Enviromental geography the intersection between human and physical geography, which explores the spatial impacts humans have on the physical enviroment and vice versa
Who is: Eratoshenes a libarian at Alexendria durning the third senturay B.C., he was one of the first cartographers. Performed an accurate measurment of the earth's circumference. coined the tearm "geography"
Define: Spatital perspective observing the spatial location on earth's surface and determining why and how those things occupy their specific locations
Example: of a large scale map watershed, Ecosystem, landscape and bidome
Define: Functional Regions Nodal Regions
Define: Region an area larger then a single city that contains unifying social or physical characteristics
Example: of a Functional Region Local newspaper route, or Radio
Define: Formal Region have specific characteristics that are relativly uniform from one place to another within the region
Example: of a Formal Region Tibet, not a state with political boundries
Define: Perceptual regions exist wthin the minds of people, made up boundries
Example: of a Perceptual Region the Deep south" or "midwest"
Define: Idographic the facts or features that are unique to a place or region
Example: Idiographic feature History or ethnic composition
Define: Nomothetic concepts that are universally applicable
Who: W.D. Pattison He claimed that geography drew from four distinct traditions: the earth-science tradition, the culture-enviroment tradition, the locational tradition, adn teh area-analysis tradition
Who: Carl Sauer Geographer who defined the concept of cultural landscape as the fundamental unit of geographical analysis. This landscape results from interaction between humans and the physical enviroment. He believed that no landscape has escaped alteration by humans
What: is the oldest feild of Geography Cartography
Created by: Mindless007
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