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Chapt 8 YTI

Hematic and Lymphatic systems med terminology

accumulation of blood in a joint cavity hemarthrosis
spitting up or coughing up blood hemoptysis
pertaining to or contained in the blood hematic
an instrument to stop bleeding hemostat
vomiting of blood hematemesis
systemic disease associated with the presence and persistance of microorganisms in the blood septicemia
a benign tumor composed of newly formed blood vessels hemangioma
a deficiency in the volumn of blood oligema
an abnormally high concentration of fat in the blood lipidemia
the volume percentage of red cells in whole blood hematocrit
an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood polycythemia
escessive sugar in the blood hyperglycemia
breaking down or destroying blood cells hemolysis
a reduction in the number of red blood cells in the blood anemia
a blood disease characterized by distorted proliferation and development of leukocytes leukemia
a decrease in the number of red blood cells erythropenia
excision of a thrombus thrombectomy
inflammation of a vein in which a clot is present thrombophlebitis
the breaking up or splitting of red blood cells erythroclasis
an agent that dissolves a blood clot thrombolytic
a red blood cell erythrocyte
the formation of clots or thrombi thrombosis
an increase in the number of red blood cells erythrocytosis
the formation of clotting cells thrombopoiesis
the formation of red blood cells erythropoiesis
a clotting cell; a platelet thrombocyte
any disease involving clotting cells thrombopathy
a white blood cell leukocyte
a deficiency of white blood cells leukopenia
the study of the science of the white blood cells leukocytology
bleeding or hemorrhage from the spleen splenorrhagia
pertaining to the spleen splenic
excision or removal of the spleen splenectomy
pertaining to the spleen and diaphragm splenophrenic
atrophy or wasting of the spleen splenatrophy
enlargement of the spleen and liver splenohepatomegaly
herniation or swelling of the spleen splenocele
a white cell that is formed in the lymph glands lymphocyte
any disease of lymphatic system lymphopathy
a tumor in a lymphatic vessel lymphangioma
stoppage of lymph flow lymphostasis
reductions in the number of lymphocytes in the blood lymphocytopenia
inflammation of a lymph gland lympadenitis
making or developing lymph lymphopoiesis
swelling of subcutaneous tissue die to excessive lymph fluid lymphedema
agents that prevent blood clotting anticoagulants
agents that arrest the flow of blood hemostatics
combining for denoting the blood hem(o), hemat(o)
a word element denoting relationship to the blood emia
a word element denoting red or red blood cells erythr(o)
a combining for menaing white or denoting a relationship to a leukocyte leuk(o)
a combining form indicating a blood clot, or thrombus thromb(o)
a combining form denoting the spleen splen(o)
a combining form indicating lymph or the lymphatic glands or vessels lymph(o)
Created by: Stclair0231