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Theology Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Vocabulary Terms

accommodation The practice of aligning beliefs and practices from local cultures with Christianity.
baroque A style of art, architecture, and spirituality that emphasizes feelings and sentimentality.
Brahmins Members of the highest-ranking social class in the traditional Indian caste system.
Christians of Saint Thomas Indian Christians who trace their origins to the first century.
concordat An agreement between the pope and head of state identifying the role that each would play in Church governance in that country.
deism Belief that God created the world and then left it to run according to natural laws
Enlightenment The 17th and 18th century movement in Europe during which reason and science grew in importance as sources of truth
Gallicanism A movement originating among the French Catholic clergy based on national rulers having authority for Church governance in their country.
geocentric Belief that the sun revolves around the earth
heliocentric Belief that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun
infallible Incapable of error in defining doctrines involving faith or morals
monarch Head of a nation-state who claims to have complete authority in its governance
rationalism A theory that nothing is true unless founded on scientifically demonstrable proofs based solely on reason and the five senses; condemned by the First Vatican Council
Reign of Terror Period during French Revolution when nobility and many clergy were executed by French revolutionary leaders.
scholasticism A method of intellectual inquiry dominant in western Christian civilization from the Middle Ages until the 17th century, and into the 20th century among Catholic scholars
Thirty Years' War War over religious, dynastic, and territorial issues; it involved most European nations but was fought mainly in Germany
Ultramontanism Belief, often in an exaggerated form, that the pope alone has ultimate authority for Church governance in all countries.
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