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Elliott STUVXZ

salping-(i,o) tube fallopian tube
sanguin-(o) blood
sarc-(o) malignant (cancer) connective tissue
-sarcoma tumor, cancer
scler-(o) hardening
-sclerosis dryness or hardening
-scope examining instrument
-scopy observation
-sect cut
semi- half, part
sep-(ti, tic) poison, rot, infection
sinistr-(o) left
soma-(t, to) body
son-(o) sound
-spasm involuntary contraction
sperm-(ato) spermatozoa, male germ (sex) cell
splen-(o) spleen
-stasis stoppage, maintaining a constant level
steno- contracted, narrow
stern-(o) sternum, breast bone
stoma-(t) mouth
stomy artificial opening
sub- less, under, below
sup-(er, ra) above, upon, over, higher in position
sym-,syn- joined, fused, together
tach-(o, y) rapid, fast
ten- (do, don, o) tendon
tetra- four
-therapy treatment
therm-(o, y) heat
thorac-(o) thorax, chest
thromb-(o) clot, thrombus
thym-(o) thymus gland
thyr-(o, oid) thyroid gland
-tome instrument that cuts
-tox (ic) poison
trach-(i,e, o) trachea, windpipe
trans- across, over, beyond
tri- three
trich-(o) hair
-trips (y) crushing by rubbing or grinding
-trophy nutrition, growth, development
tympan-(o) eardrum, tympanic membrane
ultra- beyond, excess
uni- one
ur-(in, o) urine, urinary tract
ureter-(o) ureter (tube from kidney to bladder)
urethr-(o) urethra (tube from bladder to urinary meatus)
-uria urine
uter-(o) uterus, womb
vas-(o) vessel, duct
ven-(a) vein
ventro- to the front, abdomen
vertebr-(o) spinr, vertebrae
vesic-(o) urinary bladder
viscer-(o) internal, organs
vit-(a) necessary for life
xanth-(o) yellow
-xen (ia, a) strange, abnormal
zoo- animal
zymo- enzymes
Created by: wgelliott