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CAE Religion Chap.17

Cody Edwards' Chapter 17 Religion

What is the pattern that the Israelites have? Failing and beginning again
What pattern is seen throughout the Book of Judges? Failing and beginning again
No longer living in the desert the Israelites now had to do what? Plant crops
What is something that the Israelites always seen to do over and over again? They forgot the Lord and all he has done for them
How did the Israelites sin and not love God? They placed their hope in false like Baal.
What dangers did the Israelites face in the Promised Land? Invading tribes threatened their land.
What did the Israelites remember when things got bad? They remembered that they were NOT faithful to the Lord God
How did God help the Israelites? He sent them leaders called Judges
Most Judges were what? Military leaders
A Judge was gifted with a special power from God called what? Charism
What is a Charism? It is a special gift from God that helps other people
How did the judges charisms help the Israelites? It allowed them to defeat their enemies
During the time of the Judges there was a lot of what in Israel? Lawlessness and failures
During the period of lawlessness in Israel God's people did not live like what? Brothers and sisters
When did the time of the Judges begin? After Joshua's death
How many judges are their in the Book of Judges? 12 Judges recorded in the book of Judges
Who was Deborah? She was judge and prophet of Israel
Where did Deborah offer advice? Under a palm tree
What advice did Deborah offer Barak? "God commands you to march on Mt. Tabor and he will deliver Sisera into your hands."
Who was Sisera? The general of a Canaanite King, who had lead the Canaanite Army against Israel for 20 years
Barak would not go into battle with whom? Deborah
What happened in the battle between Barak and Sisera? Everyone of Sisera's Canaanite solders was killed except Sisera himself who fled to a friends house, Heber.
Who was Jael? She was the wife of Heber
What did Jael do? She invited Sisera into her tent to eat and she killed while he slept.
Who was Heber's wife? Jael
Who was Jael husband? Heber
Deborah is a good example of someone who did what? Accepted her responsibility to build a health society.
After the battle, where the Canaanites army was destroyed, Deborah did what? She praised God for all that he has done.
What Deborah do that made her victorious? She trusted and took great risks in the Lord
Where is Deborah's song of praise found in the bible? Judges, Chapter 5
What is considered one of the oldest text in the bible? Deborah's song of praise (in Judges)
After Deborah's victory there was what? 40 years of peace
Why did God allow the Midianites to rule over Israel? Because they turned away from God
How long did it take Israel to call out to the Lord after the Midianites ruled over them? Seven years
Who was Gideon? He was from the poorest family in his tribe
What did God ask Gideon to do? Save his people from the Midianites
What did Gideon do to prove that he gave Gideon the power to save Israel? Gideon asked God to perform a miracle to prove that he had the power defeat the Midianites.
What was the miracle that God performed? Gideon laid a piece of paper on the fleece on the floor and asked that dew appear on the ground while the fleece remained dry. The fleece stayed dry while the ground turned wet.
What special directions did God give Gideon? To reduce his Army from 32,000 to 300 men.
Who was Samson? He was another judge and strongman.
What did Samson's parents promise God for giving them a son? They promised that Samson would abstain from unclean meat, wine, and cutting of shaving his hair.
What would happen if Samson keep his vow to the Lord by NOT unclean meat, wine, and cutting of shaving his hair? The spirit of the Lord would give him great strength
Who did Samson take on, that was a constant enemy of the Israel? The Philistines
Who did Samson marry? A Philistine girl
What happen at wedding? He bet his groomsman that he could not answer a riddle. He bet that if they won Sampson would give each man a set of clothes.
How did the groomsman solve the riddle that Sampson told him? Samson's new wife told the man the answer
What happened when the groomsman answered Sampson's riddle? Samson went into a rage and killed 30 men in Ashkelon; he took the clothes off the men he killed in order to pay off his bet
What also happen in Ashkelon? Samson's wife was given to another man
What did Samson do when his wife was given away? He got angry and tied torches to 300 foxes and set them loose in the the Philistines crops, setting them a blaze.
What did the Philistines do after Samson set their crops on fire? Sent 1,000 Philistine men after Samson.
What happen to the 1,000 men that were trying to capture Samson? Samson killed all 1,000 with a bone from the jawbone of a donkey.
Who did Samson fall in love with after his wife was given away? Delilah
What was Delilah paid to do? Find the secret of Samson's great strength.
How many times did Delilah ask Samson about the secret of his strength? 3 times
Why did Sampson tell Delilah where is strength comes from? She wore him down with questions
Was as the secret of Samson's strength? His hair NOT being cut
What happen to Samson after he told Delilah that his hair was the secret to his strength? When Samson was asleep, she cut his hair leaving him powerless. The Philistines came in and captured, blindfolded Samson and put him in prison.
What was the really reason that Samson lost his strength? Because he did not keep his vow to the Lord
At a _________ festival, Samson was brought out to amuse the people. A Philistine festival
He asked God for the what to destroy the Philistines. Strength
True or False: God granted Samson's last request. TRUE
Samson pushed against the what of the building where the Philistines were gathered. Pillars
The building collapsed and killed them all, including who. Samson
Despite Samson's failures, he is considered a great judge becuase he realized that his strength came from who. GOD
As people of hope, we too are called to what place our trust in God. Patiently
Ruth's story is one of what and what. Loyalty and Commitment
Although she was not a judge herself, her story took place during the period of what. Judges
Who, a Hebrew woman, was married to a Hebrew man whose family had come to Moab during a famine. Naomi
Naomi's two sons married Moabite women: who and who. Ruth and Orpah
About how many years after Naomi and her family arrived in Moab, her husband and sons died. 10
Naomi decided to return to Israel, telling who and who that they should stay in Moab with their own people. Ruth and Orpah
Who returned to her home, while Ruth remained committed to Naomi. Orpah
In Israel, who gathered grain for Naomi and herself. Ruth
Who, the landownder Ruth worked for, made sure that Ruth always had enough grain. Boaz
Who wanted Ruth to be taken care of, and she knew that Boaz would make a good husband. Naomi
One day Naomi told who to go to Boaz while he slept and lie down at his feet. Ruth
Boaz would understand that he was to ask for the right to marry who. Ruth
Who then found the man who was legally entitled to marry Ruth and to inherit the land of her first husband. Boaz
Before a court the man surredered his rights to who. Boaz
Boaz married Ruthm and God blessed them with a what. Son
This son became the grandfather of King David, The ancestor of who. Jesus
Ruth's story teaches us that love is the voation of all human beings and that we are claled to recognize all people as brothers and sisters and to accept our what to care for others. Responsibility
The what shows that some of the judges of Israel were authentic faith-filled leaders, while others were flawed people who had to learn from their mistakes. Bible
Today, through media such as TV and the Internet, we are presentedwith many people who can influence us,either what or what. Positively or Negatively
We face a right to information based on what. Truth
Although the media has a responsibility to communicate infromation what and what, sometimes it is not reliable. Honestly and fairly
Because of our what to honor the truth, we must question the media, be it music, movies, or the news. Commitment
We must also think carefully about the messages we receive, asking whether thry respect or threaten the what and what of the human person. Life and Dignity
Only then can we learn to live as people of truth, a virtue that shows itself in both what and what. Words and Deeds
Created by: marcrobertdillon
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