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Rise of the Roman Em

Rise of the Roman Empire (Pax Romana) Cody Edwards

Which choice best describes the Roman Republic? A) A dictatorship run by an Emperor B) A government run by an elected representatives C) A monarchy run by a king or queen B) A government run by an elected representatives
Which branch of government decided how Rome's money would be spent? The Senate
Which was NOT a branch of the Roman government? The President
Why was the Roman Senate older than the Assembly? Plebeians won the right to elect representatives after the patricians
The patricians controlled the Roman Senate. Who were the patricians? Wealthy land-owning noblemen
Plebeians made up the Roman Assembly. What is a synonym for 'plebeians?' Commoners
What were the 12 tables? A group of laws governing Roman life
What could Rome's military leaders and highest judges become? Consuls
How are the United States and the Roman Republic alike? Both have 3 branches of government
How long was Rome a republic? 400 years
Julius Caesar was a military general
What is Roman Gaul today? France
Who was worried the Caesar was too powerful? THE SENATE
Who did Caesar compete against for power of Rome? Augustus
Why did Cleopatra help Caesar? Because he defeated her brother
What is someone who rules with absolute power? a dictator
Who Succeeded Caesar? Octavian Augustus Caesar
What was NOT one of Augustus powers? ???
What was the period of peace that followed Augustus's rise to power called? Pax Romana
Who long did the Pax Romana last? 200 years
What does "Pax Romana" mean? The Roman Peace
What is the system of government based on a set of hierarchical offices called? a bureaucracy
Where did the Roman Empire not spread? South Africa
What is not an example of public work? A mansion or house
What did a Roman circus consist of? Gladiator combat and chariot races
What was the largest Roman arena called? The Colosseum
What language did the Romans speak? Latin
Which language is not based on Latin? Chinese, Portuguese, French? Chinese
When did the Pax Romana end? When Marcus Aurelius died
Created by: marcrobertdillon