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Wahowski Cy Lakes

Agribusiness Large scale farms that work as a business
Agriculture Deliberate tending of crops and livestock in order to produce food and fiber
Cereal Grain Grains such as oats, wheat, rye, or barely
Chaff Husks from rice patties
Combine Machine performs the three taks of respiong, threshing, and cleaning
Commercial Agriculture The production of food primarily for sale off the farm
Crop A plant cultivated by people
Crop Rotation Practice of rotating use of differnet fields from crop to crop each year to avoid exhausting the soil
Double Cropping Land used to obtain two harvests per year from one feild
Grain Seed from various grasses
Horticulture Growing of fruits, vegetagbles and flowers
Hull Outer covering of rice that is removed
Intensive Subsistence Agriculture Farming that provides for the family
Milkshed The ring that surrounds a city from with milk can be supplied without spoiling
Paddy Wet Rice
Pastoral Nomadism Form of subsistence agriculture based on the herding of domesticated animals
Pasture Grass or other plants grown for feeding grazing animals as well as land used for grazing.
Plantation Large farm that specializes in one or two crops
Prime Agricultural Land Most productive farmland
Ranching The commerical grazing of livestock over an extensive area
Reaper A machine that cuts grain standing in the field
Seed Agriculture
Slah-and-Burn Agriculture
Shifting Cultivation
Spring Wheat
Subsistence Agriculture
Truck Farming
Vegetative Planting
Wet Rice
Winter Wheat
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