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6SS Chapter 11

Ancient Egypt

What was, for centuries, the political and cultural center of Egypt? Memphis
How did the pharoahs symbolically show that they ruled both Upper and Lower Egypt? They wore a crown that combined the white & red crowns
What areas did the Nile River Valley include? farming
Why was Egypt called the "Gift of the Nile?" because it brought fertility and life to the region
How did Egyptian farmers prepare land for flooding? by plowing it
Who was blamed when disease struck or the crops did not grow? the pharoah
Why was sailing on the southern part of the Nile difficult? because cataracts were there
What was a triangle shaped area of soil deposited at the mouth of a river called? a delta
How was Upper and Lower Egypt unified? by Menes
What is on both sides of the Nile River? desert
Who founded Egypt's first dynasty? Menes
What does dynasty mean? series of rulers from the same family
What was located to the north of Egypt? the Mediterranean Sea
What was located to the south of Egypt? cataracts
What was located to the east of Egypt? desert and the Red Sea
What was located to the west of Egypt? desert
What was the 500 year period from 2700 to 2200 BC known as? Old Kingdom
What was the first step in the embalming process? to remove all the organs except for the heart
What was the final step in mummy-making? placing the mummy in a coffin called a sarcophagus
What is a sarcophagus? a coffin used for mummies
How were the workers who built the pyramids paid? in grain
When did Egypt reach the height of power and glory? during the new kingdom
What did Egyptians believe left a person's body and became a spirit after death? their ka
What is an imaginary creature with the body of a lion and head of a man or animal? a sphinx
Who was best known for pyramids built as monuments for him? Khufu
During which kingdom did Egypt reach the height of power and glory. the New kingdom
What is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes? engineering
How did most people in Egypt make a living? by farming
Why were tombs filled with food, games, and gold? because they believed the dead enjoyed such materials in the afterlife
What did farmers work on during the flood season? building pyramids
Who was the first female pharoah remembered for the monuments built during her reign? Queen Hatshepsut
Who made statues, jewelry and pottery? artisans
Who wrote and copied religious and literary texts? scribes
What was the Egyptian writing system called? hieroglyphics
Whose undisturbed tomb was found by archaeologists in 1922? King Tut
In Egyptian art, how were animals usually drawn? realistically
What did Egyptian children learn in school? writing, math, sports and morals
What is the largest pyramid? the Pyramid of Khufu
Where is the Pyramid of Khufu located? near the town of Giza
How many symbols did the Egyptian writing system use? 600
Who wore gold jewelry in ancient Egypt? men and women
What was the kingdom south of Egypt? Kush
What is papyrus? a long-lasting paper like material made from reeds
In ancient Egypt, who had the right to own property, divorce, and make contracts? men and women
Who were nobles? people from rich and powerful families
What reflected the pharoah's importance? burial in a pyramid
What contributed to the growth of trade in EEgypt? their conquest of foreign land
Who was a great warrior and builder? Ramses the Great
What was the Rosetta Stone? It provided a Greek text that matched early Egypt writing
How were Egyptian paintings shown? with bodies straight on, while legs and heads were shown from the side
Who were Isis and Horus? important Egyptian gods
Who conquered Egypt and ruled it for 200 years around 1750 BC? Hyksos
How could you rise in status? have a military career
Who faced a strong invasion by the Sea People? Egypt
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