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Sweet yeast dough

Sweet dough vocabulary

Caramel A mixture of brown sugar, shortening, honey and milk
Cinnamon roll A variety of sweet roll in which rolled dough is sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar, sliced and baked in a caramel syrup
Cockscomb A variety of filled Danish pastry in which slits are spread open to expose the filling
Coffeecake A sweet dough product baked in a multiple-serving size and shaped in a variety of ways with a variety of fillings and toppings
Crumb bun A variety of sweet roll that has a crumb topping
Danish pastry A sweet yeast-raised product made with a rich sweet dough that has had additional shortening rolled into it to provide flakiness
Diamond A variety of Danish pastry shaped by folding two corners of a pastry square over a filling placed in the center of the square
Filled round bun A variety of sweet roll in which, before baking begins, a prepared filling is placed in an indentation made in the center of each roll
Glaze Thin icing or syrup used to seal in moisture
Pocket A variety of Danish pastry shaped by folding all four corners of a pastry square to the center and placing a garnish where they meet
Sweet dough A yeast-raised dough enriched with sugar and eggs
Turnover A triangular shaped variety of Danish pastry in which the filling is sealed inside the pastry covering
Basic types of fillings and toppings Jams and jellies, Cooked fruit, Glazes and icings, Whipped creams, Candies, Nuts
Created by: mlbevins