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chapters 17-21

when was 1 thes written? ad 50-51
who was 1 thes written to? thessalonian converts
when was 2 thes written? ad 50
who was 2 thes written to? young church in thessalonica
when was 1 tim written? ad 64-66
who was 1 tim written to? timothy
when was titus written? ad 64-66
who was titus written to? titus
when was 2 tim written? ad 67
who was 2 tim written to? timothy
what are the themes of these books? 1 thes - expectation2 thes - glorification1 tim - faithfulnesstitus - soundness2 tim - steadfastness
why was thessalonica such an important city? chief seaport of Macedonia and theh main road between the Orient and Rome
for what purposes did paul write 1 thes? *commend their faith and encourage their continuance*encourage and exhort them in spite of bereavement and persecution in view of Christ's coming*warn against immorality and laziness in view of Christ's coming
what other purposes for 1 thes? *answer slurs against his character cast by opponents*encourage them in their exercise of their spiritual gifts
how is Christ's coming a comfort to believers? we'll meet with Him and stay with Him forever
what other effects should Christ's coming have on our lives? we'll be like HimHis glory will be revealedlook forward to it
what were the purposes for which he wrote 2 thes? *comfort the afflicted saints*correct the "alarmist" misunderstanding of Christ's imminentcoming* to condemn the apathetic misapplication of Christ's imminence
purposes for 1 tim? *encourage tim to oppose false teachers*furnish tim withe written apostolic credentials of his authority*exhort tim to diligence in teh ministry of Christ*instruct him in church conduct
describe the heresy that paul was encountering. believed in myths, ascetic tendencies wer manifest in self-denial of food and marriage, denied future resurrection, denied Christ's humanity
how was paul's heresy different than gnosticism? p wrote before his martyrdom ca ad 67marcion was anti-jewish but p wasntm was wealthy, they were seeking wealthm followers were upright, they were evilp pastorial book wer so inimical to m's view that m rejected them
why is 1 tim called a pastoral epistle? 1 tim was the first of the so-called pastoral epistles, sence it was written to a church leader, about leadership in a church
what was p's relationship to tim? what ministry role to tim did he serve? what elisha was to elijah, "my son", discipletim was paul's personal representative and companion
why was titus written? *instruct and encourage titus*inform him how to amend a defective church*support in sending zenas the lawyer and apollos, an eloquent speaker, to aid him
how does paul's companion titus differ from tim, another companion? tim - have jew, circumsised, phyisically weaktitus - greek, not circumcised, physically strong
what is the relation of works to grace as reflected in the two great grace passages in titus? because of grace you want to do whats rightHe saved us out of His will, not our own so He has the right to offer grace
does the citation of a pagan source indicate that the source is inspired? no becuase it doesnt say " thus said the Lord", "it is written", or "the Scripture says"
why was 2 tim written? *express his concern that tim preserve sound as he faced false teachers*emphasize the importance of the wofGn the ministry of Christ*needed his cloak for the cold prison and his books and parchments for study and writing*desire for felowshinloneycondi
how do the key words support the overall theme of 2 tim? theme is steadfastness in christ and he talks about continuing in and enduring and be diligent even in the hard times
how does pauls emphasis on the word of God fit in with the theme of the book? ch 1 - afflicion in ministry. hold fast to sound words2 - activity in m. be diligent in the true word3 - apostasy. continue in the holy word4 - allegiance. preach the only word
how do the characters used in chapter 2 enhance paul's emphasis in 2 tim? trainging - sontriumph - soldiertesting -athletetoil - farmertriats - servant
Created by: bethanyrae
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