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HPR 112

Chapter 7 Review

The process by which blood flows automatically into a thin tube during a capillary blood collection procedure is called? Capillary action
What do you call the condition when skin has a blue color which show low oxygen in the blood? Cyanotic
What do you call the blood between the tissue layers? Interstitial fluid
When referring to the side of something, we call this what? Lateral
Define osteomyelitis. an inflammatory disease of the bone, resulting from infection.
What does plantar refer to? The sole of the foot
What is another name for capillary puncture? Skin puncture
List situations when skin puncture is preferable to venipuncture. Pt is infant and no good vein is found; Pt is small child, no good vein or uncooperative; test require a few drops of blood; apprehensive pt who insists on skin puncture; repeated missed venipunctures; sever burns; thrombotic tendencies; fragile veins.
Capillary puncture should not be preformed when? Dehydrated, Shock, Chronic poor circulation, Extremely cold, tests require more than a few drops of blood.
Skin puncture is a combination of blood from ... Capillaries, arterioles, venules
Blood from capillary puncture resembles ___________ blood than venous blood. Arterial
Skin puncture blood may be used for laboratory testing so long as __________ is taken into consideration when interpreting the results. Technique
Capillary or skin puncture may be preformed on ... Fingertips, heels, or toes.
___________ may be used as a site for capillary puncture, but it is not recommended as site of choice, due to poor capillary access. Earlobes
You should not puncture the __________ or __________ when using the fingertip for a capillary draw. side, tip
Any finger except the __________ finger may be used for capillary puncture. fifth
T/F - Tissue on the fifth finger is much thicker than the others. False
T/F - When using fingers for glucose monitoring, the patient should always rotate the site. True
T/F - When doing capillary puncture on the fingertip, the puncture should be made perpendicular to the fingerprint. True
A ______ puncture will cause the blood to form a droplet. Perpendicular
A ________ puncture will cause the blood to run down the finger instead of forming a droplet. Parallel
_________ sites should be avoided, because a free flow of blood is impossible. Edamatous (swollen)
Punctures in cold, or _________, areas should be avoided because blood from these sites may result in falsely high hemoglobin or cell-count values. cyanotic
__________ puncture the arch of the foot. Never
Never puncture the ______ bone. Heel
Puncturing the heel bone of the foot may result in ________, an inflammatory disease of the bone. osteomyelitis
Puncturing the ________ of the foot may cause damage to the nerves. arch
__________ the skin until it turns pink will stimulate circulation. Massage
A heat source applied to the heel serves the purpose of ___________. increasing blood flow.
Heat causes ____________ and should be applied for at least ______ minutes. vasodilation, 3
What is a lancet? A device used to puncture the skin during capillary puncture.
_________ are designed to control the depth of the puncture so that no damage is done to the site. Lancets
Patients may be less frightened by a ___________ device, because they cannot see the actual blade penetrate the skin. spring-loaded
What is the order of draw for capillary puncture? Slide for differential or stain, Blood gas or pH, Hematology, Chemistry
You should never take _________ into the nursery. Collection Tray
A __________ should be used for children less than one year old. Heel stick
Children who are beginning to walk should have a ______ done instead of a heel stick. Finger stick
Children who are two years or older should have a ___________ to draw their blood. Venipuncture
The appropriate capillary puncture site on a fingertip is the ____________. Distal/lateral portion of the fingertip
The capillary puncture site of choice for an infant is the _________. lateral area of the plantar surface of the heel.
Applying a heat source to the heel serves the purpose of ___________. increasing blood flow.
The finger is not to be squeezed tightly when obtaining a blood sample because? tissue fluid will contaminate the specimen
Children who are beginning to walk should have blood samples collected by? Finger stick or venipuncture
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