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Ch 17-21

What is the internal and external evidence that Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians? 1. Silvanus and Timothy are known as Paul's friends. 2. fatherly compassion is Pauline 3. Bears Paul's name in the 1st verse. 4. early fathers attribute Paul to 1 Thessalonians
How do we answer the critics who deny Paul wrote 1 THessalonians? 1. It has doctrinal emphases in every chapter.2. It's original in its stress on the rapture. 3. Paul cricizes the Judaizers in Galatians.
Why was Thessalonica such an important city? It was the chief seaport of Macedonia and a strategic location. It's also the main road between Rome and the Orient.
Why did Paul write this Epistle? 1. Commend Thessalonian's faith.2. encourage them through persecution3.warn against immortality and laziness.4. encourage them to use spiritual gifts.
How is Christ's coming a comfort to believers? We will be with the Lord forever after He calls us home.
What other effects should Christ's coming have on our lives? 1. bring us hope 2. act upright3. longing for Him and His image
What is the internal and external evidence that Paul wrote 2 THess? 1. Pualine character2. same church conditions3.apostle's "trademark"4. early Fathers accepted it.
WHy did Paul write 2 Thess? 1.comfort afflicted saints2. correct "alarmist" concerning Christ's 2 coming3.correct misapplication of Christ's imminence
What response can be made to the critics who deny Paul's authorship? 1. Paul is emphasising not just repeating2. Paul describes 2 defferent aspects of Christ's 2 coming3. Paul had no need to mention the antichrist again4. conditions can change quickly
Who is the restrainer? antichrist
What is the internal and external ecidence that Paul wrote 1 timothy? 1. Pauline character2. stress on sound doctrine3. Father's claim as genuine author4. early Biblical lists accept Paul
How can the arguments of the critics against Paul's authorship be answered?? 1. authorship in 1:1 claims authorship2. book is a whole literary unit3. different historical setting is ecplained by Paul's release from prison4. vocab fits new topic5. church organization isn't different
Why did Paul write 1 Timohy? 1. encourage timiothy to oppose false teachers2. desired to furnish timoth with written authorship credentials3. exhort timothy to diligence in Christian ministry4. instruct him in church conduct
describe the heresy in 1 timothy. how is it different than the precious Gnosticism? 1. beleived in myths2. denied resurrection3. taught contradictions; 1. paul wrote before his death in AD 672. Marcion was anit-jewsih and Paul wasnt, showing teachings in accord with OT
WHy is this Epistle Pastoral? Timothy is the 1 of the so-called Pastoral Epistles, since it was written to a church leader, about leadership in a church.
internal and external ecidence paul wrote Titus reference to 1 timothy
why was Titus was written? 1. instruct and encourage Titus2. handle defective church3. help from Zenas and Apollo by supporting
What is the relation of works to grace as reflected in the two grate grace passages in Titus? Becuase of Grace and Salvationu want to do what's right Mercy and Grace saved us
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