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NT Test 4-14-10

german word for "quelle" Q
it also mean another source
the book of luke along with the book of matthew were written by using ( ) and other sources called ( ) Mark, Q
the book of luke luke was a ( ) physician
in the book of luke it talks about ( ) for ( ) women, Jesus
how did women support Jesus (3ways) financailly, mary his mother, after Jesus' resurrection he first appears to women
Jesus has a deep concern for ordinary people anawim
the gospel of john has... little resemblance to synoptic gospels
what 4 things doesnt it have no nativity, no sermon on the mound, no parables, no moral sayings
john has ( ) miracles 7
john leads us from ( ) food to ( ) food physical, spiritual
a member of any ethnic group other than the jewish race gentile
council, the highest court of the jewish nation in the NT times sahedrin
member of the jewish sect pledged to uphold the oldest traditions of Israel pharisees
roman govenor of judea, having the power over a certain area pilate
for jews, it is important to have ( ) to testify to the ( ) witnesses, truth
someone who sees/watches/observes something witness
declaration on truth based on personal things testimony
the book of ( ) has ( ) miracles or ( ) signs, 7, works
Johns gospel contains much ( ) symbolism sacramental
anything with water baptism
body and blood of Jesus eucharist
example: washed your feet service
example: love one another love
example: many dewling plaves eternal life
example: dont let your hearts be troubled or afraid peace
example: gift of the Holy Spirit truth
example: I in them, you God, me Jesus Unity
heaven related spiritual world
earth physical world
I Am God
johns gospel is the role of the word
the ( ) was before ( ) word, creation
3 lukes good news of the holy spirit1 john the baptist and his parents recieve the ( ) ( ) holy spirit
2 jesus is led by the spirit into the ( ) desert
3 jesus rejoices in the holy spirit when his ( ) return apostles
God's saving activity on mans behalf good news for the sinners/poor
what motivated luke to write his gospel investigate/research jesus
why does jesus weep over jerusalem people refuse to believe in him
what is lukes attitude toward material wealth dont get cuaght up in material things./material things dont matter to God
4 ways lukes good news for women1 the women stand by jesus as he dies on the ( ) cross
2 the poor widow is ( ) for her generosity praised
3 elizabeth is honored for her role in ( ) history salvation
4 a woman annoints jesus feet with perfumed ( ) and is praised because of her ( ) oil, love
( ) shows a sense for dramatic contrast luke
active martha and contemplative ( ) mary
doubting ( ) and humble elizabeth zachary
tich man ( ) and poor beggar ( ) dives, lazarus
2 themes of christian joy magnificat (mary), benedictus (simeon)
***know the story of love happens
an emotional, painful process. allows you to come to terms with the loss and to heal emotionally. it is a natural reponse grief
people adapt to a loss ( the process of ) mourning
the period after a lose during which grief is experienced and mourning occurred bereavement
****know the order of the 7 stages of grief
who was the doubting parent of john the baptist zachary
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