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Stack #39094

acute pain pain that is felt suddenly from injury, disease, trauma, or surgery; it generally lasts less than 6 months
chronic pain pain lasting longer than 6 months; it may be constant or occurr off and on
circadian rhythm a daily rhythm based on a 24-hour cycle; the day-night cycle or body rhythm
comfort a state of well-being; the person has no physical or emotional pain and is calm and at peace
discomfort to ache, hurt, or be sore; pain
distraction to change the person's center of attention
enuresis urinary incontinence in bed at night
guided imagery creating and focusing on an image
insomnia a chronic condition in which the person cannot sleep or stay asleep all night
nonREM sleep NREM sleep
pain discomfort
phantom pain pain felt in a body part that is no longer there
radiating pain pain felt at the site of tissue damage and in nearby areas
relaxation to be free from mental or physical stress
REM sleep the stage of sleep when there is rapid eye movement
rest to be calm, at ease, and relaxed; to be free of anxiety and stress
sleep a state of unconsciousness, reduced voluntary muscle activity, and lowered metabolism
NREM sleep the stage of sleep when there is no rapid eye movement; nonREM sleep
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