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FM Development

Family medicine developmental milestones

Smiles spontaneously 2mo
Coos 4mo
Rolls over 6mo
Babbles 6mo
Sits alone 9mo
Separation and stranger anxiety begin 9mo
Pulls to a standing position 12mo / 1yo
Cruises 12mo / 1yo
Says "momma" and "dadda" 12mo / 1yo
Walks well 15mo
Stoops 15mo
Climbs up stairs 15mo
Drinks from a cup 15mo
Feeds self with fingers 15mo
Stacks 2 blocks 15mo
Curious about and explores surroundings 15mo
Test limits 15mo
Displays negativity and temper tantrums 15mo
Speaks 3-6 words 15mo
Understands simple commands 15mo
Listens to short stories 15mo
Points to named body parts 15mo
Walks backward 18mo
Pulls toy along 18mo
Stacks 3 blocks 18mo
Speaks 15-20 words and a lot of jargon 18mo
Climbs down stairs 24mo / 2yo
Kicks ball 24mo / 2yo
Stacks 5 blocks 24mo / 2yo
Bowel and bladder control begin 24mo / 2yo
Helps with dressing and undressing 24mo / 2yo
Uses 2 word phrases 24mo / 2yo
65% of words are intelligible 24mo / 2yo
Follows 2 step commands 24mo / 2yo
Imitates 24mo / 2yo
Matches animal pictures and sounds 24mo / 2yo
Jumps 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Rides tricycle 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Copies a circle and a cross 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Interacts with peers 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Shares 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Starts to understand reasoning and discipline 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Practices daytime bladder and bowel control 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Right- or left-handedness is manifested 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Some negativity or tantrums may persist 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Speaks in sentances using verbs and adjectives 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Has a 200-word vocabulary 24-36mo / 2-3yo
80% of words are intelligible 24-36mo / 2-3yo
Separates easily from parent 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Speaks clearly 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Dresses without supervision 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Balances on 1 foot for 5secs 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Hops on 1 foot 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Picks longer of 2 lines 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Knows colors 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Counts to five 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Knows opposites and analogies 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Distinguishes right from wrong 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Knows name, address and telephone number 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Draws a person with head, body, arms, and legs 36-48mo / 3-4yo
Created by: megankirch