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Yeast breads

Yeast bread vocabulary

Benching Technique used for rounding individudal rolls
Compressed yeast A moist form of yeast that must be dissolved in liquid before using in bread dough
Developed dough dough that has been made smooth by additional mixing after the ingredeints are blended; additional mixing also develops the gluten
Docking The process of making cuts in the top of a bread loaf before baking
Dissovle To mix dry ingredients into a liquid by stiring
Dough A mixture of ingredients which is thick enough to be kneaded or rolled out
Dry yeast A granular form of yeast that may be combined with other dry ingredients for mixing into bread dough
Fermentation The process of raising a dough through the action of yeast
Formula Another term used in bakeries to refer to standardized recipe
Gradually In stages; step by step; little by little
Grease To apply fat or oil to the inside bottom and sides of a baking pan with a brush or pad
Humidity The amount of moisture in the air
Knead To fold and press dough to force out gas
Loaf A shaped or molded mass of bread
Makeup To form or shape, as in molding a roll or loaf of bread
Pan-proofing The final proofing process in which shaped rolls and loaves of bread in baking pans area placed in proof box to rise
Preheat To heat an oven to the correct temperature before putting bread in to bake
Proof To raise a yeast dough by putting it in a warm, moist place
Punch To press raised dough with your fist to force out extra gases trapped during the rising process
Rest To allow dough to set after punching, scaling and rounding for glutem strands to relax for ease in rolling and cutting
Rise To increase in volume and become light and spongy
Roll A small piece of baked yeast raised dough
Rounding The shaping of dough pieces to seal the ends
Sheeting In mixing dough, the point at which the dough pulls into long flat strands
Stir To mix with a circular motion
Volume The size of a product, especially in relation to its weight
Wash To brush a liquid, such as eggs or milk, over the top of a product before it is baked
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