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Surgery 2

divisions of cerebrum frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital
the most important divider in the cranium. lesions above and below this structure; produce distinctive syndromes, require different diagnostic tests, require different treatment strategies, have different prognosis tentorium
concomitant dysphasia, hemianopia, or focal epilepsy is a __ lesion supratentorial
anorexia nervosa is sometimes mistaken for __ wasting
in infants, prominent sutures, wide tight fontanelle, unusually large head, vomiting, headache in occipital region and neck, squint is very common infratentorial mass
brain tumors seldom__ metastasize outside the CNS
__ spread the soonest with metastatic brain tumors lung and renal cancer cells
mets to the brain in men generally come from __ lung, colon, and renal cancers
mets to the brain in women generally come from __ breast, lung, and melanoma
when you see mets to the brain get a __ to confirm pathology biopsy
epilepsy that has failed two medications is medically intractable epilepsy
Most common form of partial complex epilepsy arises from the mesial temporal lobe. Removal of this region can now be done with up to __% cure rate and minimal morbidity 85
to reduce risk of damaging language and memory , patients can undergo a __ test. WADA
in the __ test you temporarily paralyze that half of the brain into which it is injected. Patients are shown flash cards and stop talkin or remembering when the sodium amytal sets in, indicating that hemisphere is involved in language and memory WADA
is a seizure ongoing for 30 minutes without stopping, or multiple seizures in succession without sensorium returning to normal between them status epilepticus
Sybarachnoid hemorrhage may block __ causing hydrocephalus arachnoid villi
myelomeningocele, ultrasound - findings are two frontal bones appear convex inward lemon sign
myelomeningocele, ultrasound - findings are elongated and curved posterior fossa secondary to Chiari malformation banana sign
if a myelomeningocele is discovered during pregnancy it is a surgical emergency and requires: planned C section with defect closure within 24hrs
what is the management of 85% symptomatic carotid stenosis carotid endoarterectomy
name 4 primary risk factors for atherosclerosis smoking, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia
true or false diplopia, syncope, dizziness, vertigo, and paresthesia are symptoms of carotid disease false
what is the cause of Amurosis Fugax embolization of retinal arteries
a tumor in the supratentorial region may result in which pathologic disorder epilepsy
which cancers met to the brain the fastest lung and renal
in which area of the brain do most met tumors arise cerebrum 80%
five step algorithm for diagnosis and treatment of a patient with suspected brain tumor MRI is study of choice for confirmation of brain tumor. Pan CT of chest/abd/pelvis to detect other tumors. Biopsy of distant tumor or resection of brain tumor to confirm pathology. Radiation/chemo for malignancy. Follow-up surveillance MRI, PET
medically intractable epilepsy failure of two or more medications to prevent further seizures
indicate the success rate of temporal lobectomy for the treatment of epilepsy 85-90% remain seizure free for life
status epilepticus ongoing seizure for 30 min or multiple seizure in succession without sensorium returning to normal between them
what is the fisher grade used for classify appearance of sub arachnoid hemorrhage on scan
what is the Hunt Hess scale used for classify severity of symptoms in sub arachnoid hemorrhage
components on Triple H therapy for subarachnoid hemorrhage hypervolemia, heme dilution, hypertension
when can a burr-hole be done to treat subdural hemorrhage 2 weeks after injury
treatment for myelomeningocele planned c section, emergen closure of defect withing 24 hours
tethered cord abnormally low conus medullaris
Acute subdural hematoma: timeframe Acute: 0-1 week
Subacute subdural hematoma: timeframe 1-2 weeks
Chronic subdural hematoma: timeframe >2 weeks
Most common cause of subarachnoid hemorrhage Trauma
Created by: Abarnard