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Word List #2 pg 1

supplementary med terms

edema an accumulation of an excessive amount of fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavites
anasarca a generalized infiltration of edema fluid into subcutaneous connective tissue
ascites an accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity
idiopathic denoting a disease of unknown cause
etiology causation; the doctrine of causes; specifically the cause of disease
iatrogenic resulting from, or in the course of, activities of a doctor or surgeon
pathognomic charateristic or indicative of a disease; denoting one or two specific symptoms
pathogenesis the mode of origin or development of any disease or morbid process
cachexia a general lack of nutrition and wasting occuring in the course of a chronic dicease or emotional disturbance
asthenia weakness, debility
emaciation extreme loss of flesh; growing lean
murmur soft sound, like that made by a somewhat forcible expiration such as the mouth opening; heard on ausculation of the heart, lungs or blood vessels
bruit an ausculatory sound, especially an abnormal one
thrill the vibration accompanying a cardiac murmur which can be felt on palpation
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