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CAE Religion Chap.15

Cody Edwards' Chapter 15 Religion

Who was a true leader of his people and the greatest of the prophets? Moses
He spoke with whom face-to-face and was a true friend to and the people? GOD
Who was not able to enter into the Promised Land? Moses
Who was the military leader and who replaced Moses as the leader of the Israelites? Joshua
Who indicated that Joshua would be the new leader when he laid hands on Joshua? Moses
In the Sacrament of what, the bishop lays hands on a person as a sign of conferring the gift of the Holy Spirit? Confirmation
Through Confirmation, we receive the grace needed to assume what in the Church? Responsibility
When Joshua got the people ready to cross the Jordan and enter the what, they did what he said? Promised Land
The Israelites knew that who had been chosen by God to lead them? Joshua
Who had promised Joshua that as long as the people followed his law, they would be successful in conquering Canaan? God
When the priests carrying the what began to cross the Jordan, the river stopped flowing? Ark of the Covenant
The people were able to walk on a dry path, just as they had when they crossed the what? Red Sea
What was the first city in Canaan that the Israelites attacked? Jericho
Who told the people to circle the wall of this city seven times and then to shout and blow their horns? Joshua
Who brought down the wall of Jericho, allowing the Israelites to storm the city? God
Their victory was a sign that who was with them? God
Before his death, who reminded the people that God had fulfilled his promise to them by giving them Canaan? Joshua
He asked the people to decide which what they would serve? "gods" or "other gods"
The people responded that they would serve the what? Lord
The what was renewed? Covenant
What is our promised land? Heaven
Where we united with whom? God
Every action, every choice, and every decision that we make helps determine whether we will reach our what? Promised Land
In what we undergo purification? Purgatory
When we die, we will be judged according to our what and what? Works and faith
If we sin and do not repent, we damage our what with God until we are completely separated from him? Relationship
Who was the great leader of the Israelites for many years? Moses
Who helped organized the tribes of Israel? Moses
Moses was what age when he told the Israelites when was going to die? 112
God formed the Israelits into his people by giving them his law through Moses, thus renewing his covenant he made with who? Abraham
Where did Moses die? Mount Nebo
Where was Moses buried? Valley of Moab
Who long did the Israelites morn after Moses' death? 30 days
Scripture says that there has not been such a prophet in all of Israel since ______________? Moses
What the name "Joshua" mean? God saves
Where did the tribes of Israel cross into the Promised Land? Jordon River
How many days did Joshua give the Israelites to prepare to cross into the Promised Land. 3 days
Joshua told the Isralites to follow whom across the Jordon River? The priest carrying the Ark of the Covenant
What happened when the priest carrying the ark of the covenant set foot in the Jordon River? The river stopped flowing
The Israelites crossed the Jordon River on dry ground or did they get wet. Because the water stopped flowing, they crossed on dry ground
What did the Priest carrying the Ark of the Covenant do when the Israelites were crossing the Jordon? They stood on one side as everyone passed.
When the tribes living in Canaan heard of God's people for the Israelites they became what? Afraid
What was the first city that Joshua and the Israelites attacked? Jericho
What did the Israelites do at Jericho to defeat the inhabitants? Each morning for 6 days the priest took up the Ark of the Covenant; 7 priests carrying horns marched in front of the Ark. They would march around the city blowing their horns. On the 7th day, they marched around the city 7 times.
What happened at Jericho after the Israelites marched around the city 7 times? Joshua gave the order for everyone to shout; as the horns blew and people shouted the city falls fell. The Israelites stormed the city and took it.
What disadvantage did the Israelites have in Canaan? The were inexperienced soldiers (poor army) and had poor weapons
After the Israelites conquered the land they set up a tent where? Shiloh
The "tent" was what to the Israelites? The place where God's presence dwelt, it also held the Ark of the Covenant.
Before the tent in Shiloh Joshua divided what? The land among the tribes of Israel
What tribe did not get land of their own? The Levites
Why didn't the Levites get land of their own in the Promised Land? Since they were the priests of Israel, they were given cities in the land and lived among the other 11 tribes to serve them as priests.
Before he dies, Joshua called all the tribes together where? Shechem
What did Joshua do before he died? He remind the Israelites of the goodness God has shown them
What did Joshua point out to Israel? That the Lord had kept his promise
Joshua asked the people to do what? "Serve the Lord, our God, and obey his voice."
Like the Israelites, we too have a promised land, it is called what? Heaven
During this earthly life where have the choice to do what? Accept or reject God's grace
When we sin we do what? Reject God's grace
When we died we face what? particular judgment
When we die, what three places can we go based on particular judgment? Heaven, hell, purgatory
Let say when we die we need still need to undergo purification, where do we go? purgatory
This is a place where there is a total separation from God. Hell
The Israelites had to fight many enemies in the land of Canaan, what battles do we have to fight? our own selfishness and pride
What other things do we have to fight in our lives? hate, distrust, impurity, dishonesty, and other forms of evil in the world
What did the Israelites have as the sign of God's presence? Ark of the Covenant
What do Christians have as a sign of God's presence? God's Divine Son in the Eucharist
Who is the Vicar of Christ on Earth? The Pope (Benedict XVI)
Who are the successor of the Apostles? The Bishops
Who are the Church leaders in the parishes of each diocese? Priests and deacons
The Church leaders receive their authority from what? The Sacrament of Holy Orders
In the sacrament of Holy Orders the Bishop does what to the man who is going to be ordained? lays hands on him
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