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Elliott M,N,O Terms

macro- large
mal- bad,abnormal.disordered, poor
malac-ia softening of the tissue
mamm-o breast, mammary glands,
-mania insanity, mental disorder
mast-o breast
med-i,io middle or midline
-megaly, mega- large, enlarged
melan-o black
mening-o membranes covering the brain or spinal cord
meno- menstraution,monthly
mes-o middle or midline
-meter measuring instrument, meter
-metry measurement
micro- small
mono- one, single
-mortem death
muc-o,us mucus, secretion of the mucus membrane
multi- many,much,a large amount
my-o muscle
myc-o fungus
myel-o bone marrow,spinal cord
myring-o ear drum,tympanic membrane
narc-o sleep
nas-o nose
-natal birth
necr-o death
neo- new
neph-r,ro kidney
neur-o nerve, nervous systen
noct-i night, at night
non- no,none
ocul-(o) eye
odont-(o) tooth
olig-(o) few,less than normal,small
-ologist person who does/studies
-ology study of
-oma tumor, a swelling
onco-(i) mass,bulk,tumor
oophor-(o) ovary,female egg cell
ophthalm-(o) eye
-opia vision
-opsy to view
opt-(ic) vision,eye
or-(o) mouth
orch-((ido) testicles
-orrhea flow,discharge
orth-(o) normal,straight
ost-(e/eo) bone
-oscopy diagnostic evaluation
-osis condition,state,process
ot-(o) ear
-otic pertaining to a condition
-otomy cutting into
-ous full of, containing,pertaining to
ovi-,ovario- egg,female sex gland,ovary
Created by: wgelliott