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ch 3 spelling


Keloid Raised irregular lumpy shiny scar due to excess collagen fiber
Platelet cell fragment involved in clotting process
scab crust that forms over a wound
Edema excessive collection of fluid in cells and tissues / swelling
Hypoxia deficient in oxygen
onychomcosis fungus infection in a nail
dematomyositis inflammation of the skin and the muscle
Hypodermic tissue layer below the dermis
carcinoma epithelial tumor
scleroderma hardening of the skin
Sebum waxy secretion of the sebaceous glands
pustule skin that contains pus
macrophage large white blood cells / large to eat
abrasion area of the skin that has been scraped off
clot the mass of fiber and cells that is produced in a wound
medulla central portion of a structure surrounded by cortex
cortex outer portion of an organ
comedone whitehead or blackhead caused by too many sebum and keratin cells blocking the hair follicle
mole benign localized area of melanin producing cells
dermal tissue layer of the skin beneath the epidermis
integumentry organ system that covers the body / skin
cyst an abnormal fluid containing sac
acne inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair
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