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books of the bible

first book of the Old Testament Genesis
after Genesis Exodus
Old Testament book where many rituals and laws are giving to Israelites by God Leviticus
Old Testament book where a census of all of Israel is given Numbers
Moses death is recorded in this book Deuteronomy
The fall of Jericho is in the book Joshua
The story of Samson and Delilah is in this Old Testament book Judges
This woman is a daughter-in-law to Naomi Ruth
Hannah's prayer is in the first of these books I Samuel
David is annointed King over Judah in the second of these books II Samuel
Solomon's throne is established in this book I Kings
Naaman is healed of leprosy in the second of this book of the Old Testament II Kings
The historical records from Adam to Abraham is recorded in the first of these books I Chronicles
Solomon builds the temple in the second of these books of the Old Testament II Chronicles
This woman was made queen by King Xerxes Esther
This man of the old testament is known for his faithfulness through all of his trials Job
These recorded poems are written about anger, delight, peace, trouble, trust, and fear, to name a few Psalms
Some of these books in the Old Testament contrast the wicked with the righteous Proverbs
In this Old Testament book, we learn that there is a time for everything Ecclesiastes
There are many prophecies given in this Old Testament book, including the birth of a Savior Isaiah
Which book has the famous story of a man placed in a lion's den and was spared his life Daniel
This man, who was swallowed by a fish, goes to Ninevah to try to escape the Lord Jonah
This gospel records the visit of the Magi and the beatitudes Matthew
There are many parables in this gospel, including the parable of the mustard seed Mark
Mary's song is recorded in this gospel, and the birth of the Savior is recorded in its 2nd chapter Luke
This gospel was written by "the one whom Jesus loved" John
The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost in this New Testament book Acts
Paul writes about peace and joy in this New Testament book Romans
The fruits of the Spirit are listed in this New Testament book Galatians
We learn that it is by grace that we have been saved in this New Testament book Ephesians
Paul writes this letter to the people of Philippi Philippians
This letter was written to the people of Colosse Colossians
In these New Testament books, Paul gives thanks to God because of the people's faith I & II Thessalonians
This New Testament books speaks of the people of Zion being a precious cornerstone I Peter
This New Testament book gives examples of what Judgment Day will be like Revelations
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