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ophthalmic vocab

opthalmic medical terminology

aqueous humor clear,watery fluid that fills the anterior/posterior chambers of the in the front of the eye
buckling component silicone bolster that encircles the eye
capsulorrhexis surgical technique used in cataract extraction when the capsule of the cataract is torn, and a complete capsulotomy is performed
cataract condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye, its capsule, or both become opaque, w/consequent loss of vision
choroid the vascular, intermediate tissue layer that provides nourishment to the other parts of the interior eye
conjunctiva the mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the front of the eyeball
cryotherapy a technique whereby an instrument or cryoprobe is used to freeze tissue such as the sclera, ciliary body or retinal layers
diathermy low-power cautery used to mark the sclera over the area of the retinal detachment
enucleation surgical removal of the contents of the eyeball after the eye muscles and optic nerve have been severed
evisceration surgical removal of the eyeball, w/the sclera left intact
exenteration removal of the entire contents of the orbit
glaucoma a localized eye disease characterized by increased sustained intraocular pressure that causes damage to the eye
globe the eyeball
hydroxyapatite implant a porous implant made of calcium phosphate and a naturally occurring body substance that is coupled to an artificial eye w/a peg
keratoplasty corneal transplant surgery
phacoemulsification a process whereby high-frequency waves are used to emulsify tissue, such as a cataract; dissolved tissue can then be removed by aspiration
posterior chamber the fluid-filled space between the back of the iris and the front of the lens
pterygium a triangular membrane that arises from the medial canthus and that can extend over the cornea, causing blindness
trabeculectomy surgical removal of a portion of the trabeculum to improve outflow of aqueous in glaucoma pts
vitreous humor a transparent, colorless gel that normally fills the eyeball in front of the retina
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