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Ear Terms

Medical Terminology: The Ears

Surgical excision of the small, stirrup-shaped bone in the middle ear performed to correct deafness stapedectomy
This structure helps to equalize the air pressure in the middle ear with that of the outside atmosphere eustachian tube
The term for a health professional who detects, evaluates and treats hearing loss audiologist
An excessive buildup of wax in the ear cerumin impaction
The process for measuring hearing acuity audiometry
The meaning of the combining form in the term ceruminosis wax
Blockage in sound transmissions to the inner ear is called _______________hearing loss conductive
The FLUID in the part of the inner ear that consists of bony and membranous passages perilymph
Hearing impairment in old age presbycusis
Inflammation of the middle ear otitis media
The combining forms in the terms otalgic and auricular mean ear
Abnormal or impaired hearing paracusis
The combining form that describes both the eustachian tubes and the uterine tubes is salping/o
The first of the three tiny bones in the middle ear malleus
Transmits impulses from the ear to the brain to be interpreted as sound auditory nerve
The tube that connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx is the auditory or ___________________ tube eustachian
The coiled portion of the middle ear that contains receptors for hearing cochlea
The tiny anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear incus
The larger of the two sacs in the vestibule in the inner ear that aid in maintaining balance utricle
The medical term for dizziness vertigo
The medical term for earache is otodynia or __________. otalgia
The membrane that separates the middle ear and inner ear oval window
Instrument used to visually examine the ear otoscope
Chronic ringing or other distressing noises in the ear or head tinnitus
The collective name given small bones that conduct sound in the middle ear ossicles
The combining forms used in the terms tympanoplasty and myringotomy mean ear drum
Structures located in the inner ear that help to maintain equilibrium be generating nerve impulses in response to body movement semicircular canals
Surgical procedure describing an incision in the eardrum, often for insertion of tubes treat otitis media myringotomy
Surgical procedure done to correct hardening of the bony tissue in the middle ear that interferes with sound conduction stapedectomy
Inflammation of the middle ear caused by changes in atmospheric pressure is called _________________ media. aerotitis
Medical term for total deafness anacusis
Inflammation of the structure in the inner ear that consists of bony and membranous passages labyrinthitis
Pyogenous drainage from the ear otorrhea
Inflammation of the external auditory canal is called otitis _______________. externa
Test that measures the compliance of the eardrum and differentiates problems in the middle ear tympanometry
Surgical repair of the external ear otoplasty
The second of the small bones in the middle ear incus
The third small bone in the inner ear that vibrates against the membrane between the middle and inner ears stapes
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