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Raises head slightly from prone 1 month
Lifts chin up 1 month
Has tight grasp 1 month
Follows to midline 1 month
Alert to sound (blinking, moving, startling) 1 month
Regards face 1 month
Holds head in midline 2 months
Lifts chest off table 2 months
No longer clenches fist tightly 2 months
Follows objects past midline 2 months
Social smile 2 months
Recognizes parent 2 months
Supports forearms in prone 3 months
Holds head up steadily 3 months
Holds hand open at rest 3 months
Follows in circular fashion 3 months
Coos 3 months
Reaches for familiar people or objects 3 months
Anticipates feeding 3 months
Rolls front to back 4 months
Rolls back to front 5 months
Sits when proped 4-5 months
Sits unassisted 6 months
Grasps rattle 4-5 months
Orients to voice 4-5 months
Begins to makes constanant sounds 4-5 months
Razzes 4-5 months
Enjoys looking around 4-5 months
Laughs 4-5 months
Transfers objects 6 months
Raking grasp 6 months
Babbles 6 months
Stranger anxiety 6 months
Crawls 9-10 months
Pulls to stand 9-10 months
Uses three-finger (immature) pincer grasp 9-10 months
Says "mama"/"dada" (nonspecific) 9-10 months
Waves bye-bye 9-10 months
Plays pat-a-cake 9-10 months
Cruises 11 months
Walks alone 12 months
Uses two-finger (mature) pincer grasp 12 months
Says "mama"/"dada" (specific) 12 months
Imitates actions 12 months
Separation anxiety 12 months
Walks backward 15 months
Uses cup 15 months
Uses 4-6 words 15 months
Temper tantrums 15 months
Runs 18 months
Kicks ball 18 months
Builds tower of 2-4 cubes 18 months
Names common objects 18 months
May start toilet training 18 months
Walks up/down steps with help 2 years
Jumps 2 years
Builds tower of 6 blocks 2 years
Uses two-word phrases 2 years
Follow two-step commands 2 years
Removes clothes 2 years
Rides tricycle 3 years
Climbs steps with alternating feet 3 years
Copies a circle 3 years
Uses utensils 3 years
Uses three-word sentances 3 years
Brushes teeth with help 3 years
Washes/dries hands 3 years
Hops 4 years
Copies a square 4 years
Knows colors and some numbers 4 years
Cooperative play 4 years
Plays board games 4 years
Skips 5 years
Walks backward for long distances 5 years
Ties shoelaces 5 years
Knows left and right 5 years
Prints letters 5 years
Uses five-word sentances 5 years
Domestic role playing 5 years
Plays dress up 5 years
Created by: megankirch