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DSM IV Numbers

Schizophrenia: Timing 6+ continuous months
Schizophrenia: Symptoms 2+ criterion A sx (delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior, negative symptoms) + social decline; only need 1 criterion A sx if delusions are bizarre or voices keep running commentary
Schizophreniform: Timing 1-6 months
Brief psychotic disorder: Timing 1 day-1 month
Delusional disorder: Timing 1+ month
Major depressive episode: Timing 2+ weeks
Major depressive episode: Symptoms 5+ of 9 (SIGECAPS + depressed mood + weight change), 1 of the 5 must be depressed mood or anhedonia
Manic episode: Symptoms 3+ of DIGFAST, must have 4+ if mood is irritable
Manic episode: Timing 1+ week or less if hospitalization is required
Bipolar disorder type I: Definition Manic episode (ever!) + depression
Bipolar disorder type II: Definition Hypomania + depression
Mixed mood episode: Definition Having both depressive and manic symptoms at the same time
Mixed mood episode: Timing 1+ week of having concurrent depressive and manic symptoms
Dysthymic disorder: Timing 2+ years of feeling depressed on most days; cannot have 2+ month break from depression
Dysthymic disorder: Symptoms 2+ of SIGECAPS
Cyclothymic disorder: Timing 2+ years of symptoms without 2+ month break
Generalized anxiety disorder: Symptoms 3+ of the anxiety symptoms
Generalized anxiety disorder: Timing 6+ months, more days than not
Panic disorder: Symptoms 4+ cardinal symptoms reaching peak within 10 minutes + 1+ attack followed by worry about recurrent attacks, going crazy, or social problems related to attack
Panic disorder: Timing 1+ month of worrying about recurrent attacks, going crazy, or social problems related to attack
Social phobia: Symptoms Worrying about being in public and realizing that worrying is excessive
Social phobia: Timing 6+ months
PTSD: Symptoms 3+ of anhedonia, avoidance, amnesia, restricted affect + 2+ of hypervigilance, insomnia, increased startle response, irritability
PTSD: Symptoms 1+ month of symptoms meeting both categories of criteria simultaneously
Acute stress disorder: Timing 2 days-4 weeks of symptoms within 1 month of exposure to stress
Somatization: Symptoms 4+ pain + 2+ GI + 1+ sexual + 1+ neurological
Somatization: Timing Symptom onset before 30yo
Hypochondriasis: Timing 6+ months of symptoms
Substance abuse: Timing 1+ year of symptoms
Substance dependence: Timing 1+ year of symptoms
Substance dependence: Symptoms Use with impairment + 3+ of withdrawal, tolerance, more time spent getting, failed attempts to quit, social problems, large amounts or longer time, use despite consequences
ADHD: Timing Onset of symptoms before 7yo
Autism: Timing Onset of symptoms before 3yo
Rett’s syndrome: Timing Onset of deterioration after 18 months
Childhood disintegrative disorder: Timing Onset of deterioration between 2yo & 10yo
Conduct disorder: Symptoms 3+ of 4 (agression toward people and animals, destruction of property, deceitfulness, and serious violation of rules)
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