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Egypt T-3

Mr. B's Social studies class trimester 3

Amun-Re protector of the rich and the poor
Horus the god of the sun
Osiris god of the living and dead
Isis one of the most powerful egyptian goddesses
ThutmoseIII expanded the empire to include Syria and Nubia
Abu-simbel an ancient city
Hatshepsut achived economic ssucess especially trade
Menes founder of the first egypt dynasty, unified upper and lower egypt
Nubia a desert region and ancient kingdomin the nile river valley
El-Amarna a city in ancient egypt
Deir el-Bahri a city in ancient egypt
Sphinx any number of huge stone statues built by the ancient egyptians having the body of a lion and the head of a man
Giza an ancient city capital of upper egypt; site of the pyramids
Karnak a city in ancient egypt
Cleopatra ruler of egypt (51bc-30bc) married julius cesar
regent someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule
Thebes a city in ancient egypt
papyrus an early form of paper made from a reedlike plant
Tutankhamen king of ancient egypt
Merone a city in ancient egypt
Taharka prince of Nubia
saqqura a city in ancient egypt
astronomer scientists who study the stars
New Kingdom latest time period of the groups of egyptian dynasties
Ptolemy King of ancient egypt
Napata a city in ancient egypt
Middle Kingdom middle time period of the groups of egyptian dynasties
Kerma an ancient city in egypt
Nile Delta the source of the nile river
Herodotus a greek historian who traveled the world and wrote about the wars
Canopic Jar a jar used to contain the organs of a mummy the top is carved to be the head of a god
Lower Nubia an ancient region in northern africa
Tahrak prince of nubia
aswan dam in egypt
Akhenaten introduced monotheism
upper egypt the 30th northern parallel
Howard Carter
mummy a dead body preserved in a lifelike condition
lower egypt an area in egypt the north nile region
scarab beetle
book of the dead
metropolitein museum
British Museum
Khufu (cheops) a pharaoh
Lapis Luzuli
afterlife life after death
dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
Pharaoh a ruler king or queen
Cataract a rock filled rapid
Delta streams shaped like a triangle
pyramid a huge building with four sloping outside walls shaped like a triangle
rosetta stone
silt rich fertile soil
memphis a city in ancient egypt
hieroglyphics a kind of picture in writing in which some pictures stand for ideas and other things
Ramses the great a pharaoh
Suez Canal
Old Kingdom the oldest time period of the groups of egyptian dynasties
excavation a dig to try and discover fossils to tell more about the past
Archeology the study of fossils
wedjat eye
relief scupture
amenotep the pharaoh of egypt
Created by: Hannahb123