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First Aid Hirsch

Health Science 2

The Three C's Check, Call, Care
When do you move a pt? 1) the scen is unsafe, 2) when you are faced with danger, 3) you aren't able to provide proper care
Good Samaritan Law gives legal protection to people who give emergency cae to an injured person
What is the Good Samaritan Law? Act in good faith, don't be reckless, act w/in scope of practice, do not abandon person
avoid contact with... (infection control) body fluids (blood, saliva...)and mouth, nose
wear protective clothing, aka: mask, protective eyewwear, gloves, face shields
Triage a method of prioritizing treatment
First Aid immediate care given to a victim of an injurt of illness to minimize the effects of the injurt or illness
shock is also known as hypofusion
what is huypofusion? inadequate supply of blood to body organs, especially the brain and heart
causes of shock? hemorrhage, excessive pain, infection, heart attack
anaphylactic shock body releases histamine causing the blood vessels get larger, bp drops
cause/description of cardiogenic shock CAUSE: damage to heart muscle from heart attack or cardia arrest, DESCRIPTION: heart cannot effectivly pump bld
c/d of hemorrhagic shock C: severe blding, D: decrease in bld vol., bp drops
c of metabolic loss of body fluid from vomitting, diarrhea, or heat illness
c/d of neurogenic shock C: injurt and trauma to brain or spinal cord, D:nervous system loses ability to control the size of bld vess.
c/d of psychogenic shock C: emotional distress D: emtional response causes sudden dilation of bld vess.
c/d respiratory shock C: respiratory distress or arrest, D: interfesres with exchange of O and CO2
septic shock poisons or toxins in bld cause VD
dressings used to cover wounds
bandages used to hold dressings in place
burns inury that can be caused by fire, heat, chem agents, radiation...
1st degree burn (superficial) top layer of skin, Tx with cool water
2nd dg burn (partial thickness) blisters, red and swollen
3rd dg burn (full thickness) all layers are burnt
critical burns potentially life threatening, disfiguring, and disabling, requires med. att.
bees, pollen, foods, dander cause allergic reactions
rest, ice, compression, elevation RICE
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