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Nutrition Diet Terms

Nutrition Diet Terms for final

What diet is used as a prep for diagnostic tests, as a post operative test, treatment for recovery from gastrointestinal disorders? Liquid Diet
What are the types of liquid diets? 1 - Clear liquid; 2 - Full liquid
What can you 'eat' while on a clear liquid diet? 1 - Broth soups; 2 - Tea; 3 - Jello
What can you 'eat' while on a full liquid diet? 1 - Clear liquids, milk, custards, strained cream soups, refinded cereals, eggnog, milkshakes, and all juices
What diet is used to decrease stress on the GI system in GI disorders? Soft or light diet
What can you NOT eat while on the soft or light diet? 1 - Raw fruits or vegetables (No roughage foods); 2 - No onions, beans, broccoli, cauliflower (NO Strongly flavored or gas-forming vegetables); No or few spices
What diet hs no food or spice restrictions, but food is chopped, ground or pureed depending on desired texture? Mechanical soft diet
When is the mechanical soft diet used? 1 - After dental or oral surgery; 2 - For pt who has difficulty chewing or swallowing
What diet restricts dietary components classified as GI irritants? Bland diet
What is the bland diet used for? For patients with GI problems
What are the different types of GI irritants? 1 - Chemical (EX: Caffeine, pepper, chili, nutmug, alcohol); 2 - Mechanical (EX: High-fiber foods); 3 - Fried foods; Highly concentrated sweets; 4 - Gas-forming veg.
What diet is used in treatment of allergies? Elimination Diet
What are the two types of elimination diet? 1 - Simple; 2 - Rowe
What does the Simple elimination diet Remove? Only a few foods suspected of causing allergy
What happens with a person on the Rowe Elimination diet? 1 - Person starts with a few hypoallergenic foods; 2 - Ten single family food groups are added slowly, about every 10 days;
What does a low residue diet decreases what? Fiber AND milk
What are high fiber diets used for? Hypercholesterolemia or diabetes mellitus, cancer prevention
What are low fiber diets used for? GI disorders like diverticulitis
Define cellulose foods - It is a type of carbohydrate that the body does not digest very well
What diet decreases cellulose foods? Low fiber diet
What items are considered for a diabetic diet? Blood suger, activity level, wt, individual preferences, lifestyle
What is the most common guideline for someone on a diabetic diet? To monitor carbohydrate intake
What does DASH stand for? Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension
What is another name for DASH? Heart-Healthy diet
Define No salt / low salt diet - A regular diet with restricted sodium
What is a low or no sodium diet used to treat? HTN & Edema
How much sodium should a patient on a low sodium diet consume per day? Less than 1,500 mg/day
How much sodium does the average person comsume a day? 2,500 - 5,000 mg/day
What is a low protein diet used to treat? Kidney disease / failure
What are the different types of vegetarian diets? 1 - Vegan; 2 - Lacto - Vegetarian; 3 - Lacto-ovo vegtarian; 4 - Flexitarians or semivegitarians
What can a Vegan vegetarian eat? Plant based foods only (NO eggs, milk, cheese or meat)
What does a Lacto- Vegetarian eat? Milk, milk products and plant-based foods (No eggs)
What does a Lacto-ovo vegtarian eat? Eggs, milk and milk products, including cheese (NO red meat, fish or poultry)
What do Flexitarians vegetarians eat? Primarily plant-based foods, but small amounts of meat, poulrty & fish
What is a Gluten-free diet used to treat? Celiac disease
Define Celiac disease - Pt cannot eat the protein gluten found in wheat and other grains. If eaten their immune system responds by damaging the small intestine
What is the Heart-Healthy or DASH diet intended for? To lower cholesterol levels, lower BP
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