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Old Test Ch. 3

Old Test

Fill in family tree OK
What is J The Yahwist
What is P Priestly
Refers to God by YHWH or Lord, describes God in more human terms, God has more of a relationship with humanity J or the Yahwist
Focused more on the writing on God, (rituals, worship, law), God is more distant harsh and critical, rejected the view of angels or talking animals, writings are formal and outlined P or Priestly
Coming to know the form in which a document is written Literary Criticism
Using literary criticism we come to read Genesis and the creation stories as providing us with ____________ and are not meant to be read as ____________ Religious truth, Historical or scientific accounts
What is the religious truth found in the first creation account? -God is good, we are good, life is good - God wants us to be happy - Called to be caretakers of Creation
What is the religious truth found in the second creation account? - We are created to be intimate companions for each other - God is good but evil exists because of human choice not God - We are created with free-will -God has human characteristics
What do the religious truths from the creations stories teach us about humanity? - Humans are the summit of God's creation - Humans are created in God's image - Males and Females are different but same in dignity - We are called to community
What relationship do science and religon Have with each other? - We need both to understand the fullness of truth - these two disciplines work with one and other, and God gives us both to understand as much of our reality as possible
What did Friar Roger Bacon say about science and religon going together? The study of science actually points us to a deeper understanding of the divine since its God's creation we are studying after all
Science studies only _________ the creator who we can only know by human reason alone Enhances our appreciation for God
How does evolution relate to science and religon going together? Scientific studies have cast more light on the details of creation, including the evolution of humanity and when and where the first humans appeared on Earth
What is the first covenant in the bible? Its between God and Abraham the symbol of this covenant is men being circumcised, this was to be a sign of covenant between them, he also changed his and Sarah's name for the covenant
What are the Abrahamic religions? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
The same story being told in various places and the stories typically have contradictions Doublets
What are examples of some doublets? -2 creations stories -2 descriptions of the covenant between God and Abraham - 2 stories about renaming of Jacob -2 stories about the 10 commandments
What might the existence of doublets mean in the book Genesis? -Genesis was written over a long period of time -Genesis was written by multiple authors -Genesis used both oral and written
Who is Julius Wellhausen? -1870 - Developed the documentary hypothesis
What did Julius Wellhausen propose? The states that the Pentateuch (first five books) is a composite of 4 separate documents written by 4 different authors
what are the five books that are referred to as the Torah? Or the first books of the OT -Genesis -Exodus -Leviticus -Numbers -Deuteronomy
What was the reason for original holiness/ justice - People would not have to die or suffer, no sin -Guaranteed inner harmony of the human person, man and women, and Adam and Eve
The origin stories are stories of the spreading of sin from what to what -Individual -Another Individual -Family - Community -Nation
What is the stretch of time in which the story of Abraham likely took place 2000-1700 BCE
What are the terms used to refer to the people whose history is shared in the OT Patriarchs, and Matriarchs
What is the covenant between God and Abraham? Abraham's- Faithfulness to God God's- Descendants, Land (Canaan)
What should we learn from Jacob's wrestling match with the angel? All of our struggling with God in faith leads to peace
How does salvation history relate to the stories of the Patriarchs? - Fulfilling his agreements of the covenants -Blessing Abraham and his family when they are faithful and righteous - Through providing in times of need
Created by: astei
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