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Ancient India/Indus

Indus River

What is the sacred book of Hinduism Vedas
What is the sacred book of Buddhism Tripitika
What is the source of the Ganges River The Himalayas
What does Mohenjadaro mean Mound of the Dead
Who was the famous person that used Hinduism and non-violence beliefs to solve problems Gandhi
Who is the supreme god in Hinduism Brahman
What is dharma Duty,law and obligation
What is each specific caste called varna
How is the only way you can move up and down the caste system In rebirth
What is the order of caste system from top to bottom Priests,warriors,merchants,workers
Where can you find the Deccan Plateau Between two mountain ranges
What did the Buddha say all people must endure suffering
What did the Buddha say causes peoples suffering desires and wants
How do you get placed in a caste by your karma from your previous life
Who is the god that creates things Brahma
Who is the god that preserves things Vishnu
Who is the god that destroys things Shiva
Mohnenjadaro was one of the first settlements that had what sewer system
What are the guidelines to finding true happiness in Buddhism The Eightfold Path
What are the truths that the Buddha said about life The Four Noble Truths
Life has suffering an example of the Four Noble Truths
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