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Nervous system voc

nervous system medical terminology

acoustic neuroma benign tumor of the 8th cranial nerve
AV malformation (ArterioVenous) an abnormal communication between arteries & veins; called a fistula
berry aneurysm small saclike bulge of a cerbral artery, usually found in the circle of willis
central nervous system (CNS) part of the nervous system containing the brain & spinal cord; contains the cranial & spinal nerves & branches
cerebellum gray matter lying in the posterior cranial fossa that is divided into fissures. responsible for coordination & movement
cerebrospinal fluid a nourishing fluid that circulates around the brain & spinal cord, acts like a watery cushion to prevent injury
cerebrum main portion of the brain, divided into 2 hemispheres, controls motor activites & sensory impulses. forebrain is responsible for memory, intelligence & reason. largest part of the brain
dura mater the very fibrous outer layer of the meninges
fissure a narrow cleft in the brain tissue between the folds of gyri
foramen magnum large opening in the occipital bone between the cranial cavity & spinal canal
frontal lobe the lobe of the brain containing the forehead, the anterior portion of the cerebrum
galea tough fibrous tissue sheet resembling a helmet that protects the brain
gray matter areas of the nervous system where fibers are unmyelinated. contains the bodies of nerve cells
interventricular foraman passage from the 3rd to the lateral ventricle of the brain
ligamentum flavum ligament that connects 1 spinous process of a vertebra to another
meninges 3 layers of membrane that covers the brain & spinal cord
occipital lobe most posterior portion of the cerebrum
mid brain portion of the brain located between the forebrain & hindbrain
parietal lobe upper central portion of gray matter of the cerebrum lying between the frontal,occipital & temporal lobes. controls coordination & sensory integration
pia mater vascular meningeal membrane lying closest to the brain
subarachnoid space space between the pia mater & the arachnoid
temporal lobe lobe of cerebrum found at the lower lateral portion of each hemishpere
trephination process of cutting out a piece of bone w/a trephine
white matter nervous tissue covered by a myelin sheath, is the conductive tissue of the brain & spinal cord
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