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SS Ch.10 Review

Who were the Council of Elders? Men over 60 years old who were chosen for life to serve as Sparta's high court.
Who was Darius? The Persian King and father of Xerxes.
What did Darius do? Led a campaign to punish the mainland Greeks for supporting Ionia's revolution against Persian rule.
What type of people were part of the Assembly? Spartan citizens over 20 years old
What did the Assembly do? Passed laws and discussed questions about war and peace
Who created the world's first DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION? Cleisthenes
How long did Cleisthenes' reform last? 300 years
Define ephors Five Spartans were selected to conduct public affairs and to plan the education of the youth
What is the name given to the Spartan merchants and artisans? Perioeci
What is the name given to the the Spartan slaves who farmed the land? Helots
What Macedonian ruler conquered Greece? Philip II
Where did the Greeks first defeat the Persians in 490BC? Marathon
What is the name given to the seaport city that was located 5 miles from inland Athens? Piraeus
What is an acropolis? A fortified hill located in the center of Greek city-states
This city-state was first ruled by kings, then developed a democratic form of government. It is located near the Aegean coast. Athens
Define agora city-states' marketplace
The people of Athens evacuated to this place while the Persians were being held off at Thermopylae Salamis
Where is Sparta located? Peloponnesus
Which city-state was ruled by nobles who resisted change and new ideas? Sparta
A government that favors equal participation of its citizens democratic
These enabled Athens to obtain supplies in times of war Long Walls
What is the name given to hired soldiers? Mercenaries
Name for Athenian warships Triremes
Name given to a written set of rules for governing Constitution
What type of government is led by a few wealthy people? Oligarchy
In which war did Athens surrender to Sparta? Peloponnesian War
What is the name given to the protective group which had a common navy and was controlled by Athens? Delian League
In ancient Greece, cities tended to develop around the _______________. agora
Those who were most often considered citizens of a Greek city-state included: free adult men born in Greece
The central interest of the city-state of Sparta was?____ military strength
Sparta's army and government were run by___ aristocrats
What was one important result of the reforms made in Athens by Solon? More Athenians could take part in government
After Cleisthenes made changes in the government, Athens was run by____ A Council of Five-Hundred chosen by lot
The battle of Marathon was an important victory for___ The Greeks over the Persians
An alliance of Greek city-states against the Persians is the ____ Delian League
What did Pericles do? Made Athens a center of the arts and culture
The last city-state to take over the leadership of an independent Greece was: Thebes
All Spartan citizens over twenty years old could be a member of the __________________. They passed laws and discussed questions regarding war and peace. assembly
Cleisthenses was an Athenian military leader that established the world's first democratic constitution. His reforms lasted almost ________________ years. 300
The Persians were defeated here by the Greeks in, 490 BC. Marathon
Sparta is locatedon this peninsula. Peloponnesus
What are the basic ideals of a democracy? Citizens take part in making decisions in the government.
What two geographical features of Greek landscape, caused the county to develop into city-states rather than a united country? The mountainous land and the sea separated the city-states.
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