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gastrointestinal voc

gastrointestinal surgery medical terminology

anastomosis surgical procedure in which 2 hollow organs are joined together
anus opening of the digestive tract to the outside of the body
bilirubin pigment released by the liver in bile
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gallbladder
choledochojejunostomy surgical anastomosis of the common bile duct & the jejunum
colon large intestine; consists of the cecum,ascending,transverse & descending segments & the rectum
common bile duct carries bile from the liver & gallbladder to the duodenum
duodenostomy surgical opening of the duodenum, leading to the outside of the body via a tube or from another anatomical structure such as the stomach
duodenum 1st part of the small intestine
exploratory laparotomy procedure performed to examine the abdominal cavity when less invasive measures fail to confirm the diagnosis
gallbladder small sac under the liver; stores bile
gastrostomy surgical opening thru the stomach wall connecting to the outside of the body or another anatomical structure
ileum 3rd part of the small intestine
insulin hormone produced by the endocrine cells of the pancreas
jejunum 2nd part of the small intestine
lobectomy surgical removal of 1 or more anatomical sections of the liver
pancreas organ under the stomach that produces insulin & enzymes
pancreatojejunostomy surgical anastomosis of the pancreas & jejunum
peristalsis rhythmic contractions of the tubes of the GI tract & other tubular structures
pyloric sphincter ring of muscles a the end of the stomach near the duodenum
rectum last section of the large intestine, connects the end of the colon and the rectum
sigmoid colon 4th and last s-shaped segment of the colon, just before the rectum, empties into the rectum
stoma surgically created opening between a portion of the GI tract & the outside of the body
stomach muscular organ that receives food from the esophagus
wedge resection surgical removal of a small, sometimes pie-shaped, portion of the liver
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